Lost in Space season 3, episode 8 recap – the ending/finale explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 1, 2021 (Last updated: January 12, 2023)
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Netflix Lost in Space season 3, episode 8 - Trust - the ending finale explained


While there is war, it’s a warm farewell to the Robinson family.

This recap of Netflix’s Lost in Space season 3, episode 8, “Trust,” — the ending/finale explained — contains spoilers.

We’ve reached the end folks, and while many will want this series to continue, at least it has a conclusion. It will feel a little rushed, but the writers have mustered up a final story worthy of an ending.

Lost in Space season 3, episode 8 recap – the ending and finale explained

Episode 8, the finale, opens up with the alarms blaring. The robots have arrived. The scene has been set for the final ever episode. Will wants to get out of bed to help, but his family tells him he needs to rest, or his new mechanical heart will fail, and he will die. Madam Chancellor wants to use the alien engine, but John says they can’t use it again as it got them into trouble last time; he wants to use resources and courage to beat them. This is an all-out war to defend their new home, and the kids are sent away to hide. Smith is anxious, and she asks Maureen if they are going to make it. As Smith is about to kill someone to help her have a new life on Alpha Centauri, Robot appears and says, “help, Dr. Smith.”

SAR manages to make it through the shields — they are now on Alpha Centauri, and they land near the kids. Will looks at the robots using binoculars and tries to shout to the others that they need to keep the engine away from the robots. Will leaves his medical bed and immediately feels fatigued. Penny finds him, and Will tells her that the robots use the engine as a weapon; he references the dead planet, the meteorites, and how they can rip holes in space using the engine. He tells Penny to keep the engine away from the robots — he gives her encouragement, stating he believes in her.

Penny heads out, but she bumps into Judy, who helps her. Penny finds an injured robot on the floor and realizes it is dying. She helps it, and her compassion appears to help, as the robot does not hurt her. She gives the robot a name — Sally. They essentially now have a second Robot on their team. Vijay sees what Penny has done and wants to help another robot to bring them on their team.

They help a few more dying robots and essentially have a team of robots on their side that are kind and protective, like Will’s Robot. They now have a chance to fight against SAR. Robot arrives to see if Will is okay and brings him to the ship he came in. Smith is piloting it. Will wants to get the engine out of the battlefield away from SAR while he has his own plans. Maureen, John, and the control room learn of Will’s plans. Will tells his mother that every robot can be free, and Penny has proven that. When Will cuts the comms, Maureen is worried that her son cannot take the strain on his new heart. John, Maureen, and co head to the kids in a chariot to help the kids get the engine away.

Smith, Will, and Robot head to Robot’s home planet on the ship — he tells Robot that his people will listen to him. He wants Robot to tell them everything. Will struggles with his new heart as Robot tries to convince the other robots on his planet. Smith keeps Will up to date on events as he flits in and out of consciousness. Robot returns and sees how bad Will is, so he carries him to a hole, places a metal shield around him, and then places his hand over Will’s heart. Will wakes up to see dust around him. Robot sacrificed himself to save Will. Will is heartbroken but tells Smith he can still feel him. Will is completely healed, and he scans his heart — there’s a piece of Robot in his body. Smith reveals that Robot helped her too. Outside of their ship, there’s a warbling sound — something is commanding the robots.

The ending

Back on Alpha Centauri, and the ship the Robinsons and co are on runs out of fuel. Maureen and John run to a chariot with the engine and drive away. They have an intimate husband and wife conversation, but then their vehicle is hit by a robot, and they flip over. Maureen lifts herself out of the chariot, and a couple of robots faces her. She ices them, and John smashes one of the robots apart.

And then, Will arrives, and he plays the commands to the robot. Everyone else joins in and plays the commands that Will found from the alien city. The robot stabs Will in his heart, but it’s ineffective as it’s a new mechanical heart with some of Robot inside him. This affects the robot, and suddenly, it turns into Will’s Robot. Robot destroys the engine and then says, “safe, family.”

The war is won, but Alpha Centauri needs rebuilding after the destruction. However, they at least have robots on their side. The robots run their own commands and are free while Maureen builds new technology. Smith decides to write a confession for her crimes, and she is imprisoned. Maureen visits her and knows her real name is Jessica. Maureen tells her that when she gets out, she wants Smith to look her up.

And so, Lost in Space has a happy ending, with civilization enjoying a new home with many new possibilities, while Will enjoys exploring as part of the Human-Robot exploratory group. While there is war, it’s a warm farewell to the Robinson family.

Additional points

  • Vijay shoots his shot in episode 8 and kills Penny.

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