Lost in Space season 3, episode 7 recap – “Contingencies on Contingencies”

December 1, 2021 (Last updated: January 12, 2023)
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The penultimate chapter spices up for what’s to come as Alpha Centauri is not an immediate safe haven.

This recap of Netflix’s Lost in Space season 3, episode 7, “Contingencies on Contingencies,” contains spoilers.

As we expected, as the final season reaches closer to the conclusion, a war brews on Alpha Centauri as our characters have to fight their way to freedom. These are the endgame chapters.

Lost in Space season 3, episode 7 recap

Episode 7 sees the crew making its way through the rift and making it to Alpha Centauri — Will is stable but still has a dangerous heart rate. Maureen sees that the planet is beautiful, but it feels bittersweet when her son has a chance of dying. The Robinson family gets Will to the hospital, and the doctor promises them that he will make it. Their quick-thinking worked. After a sigh of relief, the Robinson family reunite with the others who arrived at Alpha Centauri before them. Maureen and John warn the Alpha Centauri colony that SAR is coming and needs a defence in place. They visit Hastings, who is a prisoner for his space crimes and tell him that there’s no activated defence system on Alpha Centauri and the robots know where they are. They warn him that his secrets go to the grave immediately unless he helps them. He agrees to help as long as his authority is restored — “contingencies on contingencies.”

As soon as Hastings is out, he’s killed by a robot in his room, and John finds him dead. He left behind a note that looks like a code to activate the defence systems. John tells Maureen that they need to contain the robot that killed him. Maureen believes something is wrong because SAR isn’t here yet, so she wonders who that robot was. She asks her children if there was anything different about Will’s Robot recently.

Will wakes up, and Maureen tends to her son immediately. She tells him to rest. Maureen then speaks to Grant Kelly — he tells her that Alpha Centauri’s defence system can only be activated by one man that is no longer breathing — Ben Adler. So Maureen speaks to Ben’s wife and gives the theory that Ben was the one that could activate the defence system (according to Hastings).  They want old voicemails and videos to cut out his voice and activate the system using the code.

Smith finds Robot, but his light is red, which would suggest has changed. She begs Robot to let her help him. Don, Penny, Judy and track down Robot. But they find another problem. The SAR robots are sapping the power system to stop the defence systems. Meanwhile, Maureen finds words from old voicemails and videos from Ben to activate Alpha Centauri’s defence system. They bring the systems online.

The ending

Judy decides to take it for the team and save the power for the defence system, which will mean coming across SAR. John and his acquaintance see what Judy is doing on the CCTV system and wants to stop her. SAR approaches Judy, but Will’s Robot arrives to help, and John grabs Judy to safety. Robot now faces the robots, but he drowns them with water by opening up the tank. This confirms that Robot did not kill Hastings. It was one of the SAR robots.

As the episode ends, Smith is plotting a way to have a free life on Alpha Centauri; she grabs a needle and asks the AI to take her to work. Meanwhile, Maureen commands the control room to keep the defence system going. However, the power temporarily goes offline, and their defence systems go down. SAR is coming.

The penultimate chapter spices up for what’s to come as Alpha Centauri is not an immediate safe haven.

Additional points

  • Penny’s love triangle continues on Alpha Centauri.
  • Grant Kelly asks Maureen why she didn’t tell him about Judy. She explains that NASA said that letting him know about his child would be a cruel distraction.

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