Lost in Space season 3, episode 6 recap – “Final Transmission”

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 1, 2021 (Last updated: January 12, 2023)
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Netflix Lost in Space season 3, episode 6 - Stuck


This is better from Lost in Space. The story needs an increase of risk as it felt far too easy before.

This recap of Netflix’s Lost in Space season 3, episode 6, “Stuck,” contains spoilers.

After an underwhelming chapter 5, this episode ups the story; it needs to as we approach the final ever episode.

Lost in Space season 3, episode 6 recap

Judy and Maureen return to the Jupiter, but then they hear a banging noise at the door — it’s the rest of the gang except for Don. John wants to run on low power so the robots cannot find them. Will and John search for Don, and they find him. The main concern is SAR tracking him. Will speaks to Robot privately — he wants to get his family to Alpha Centauri and then come up with a new plan to fight off SAR.

John shows Maureen CCTV footage from the Fortuna; it shows a robot scanning Grant Kelly, who is asleep, but the robot doesn’t kill him. And then Don returns, and he tells the crew his story, which ends with the robot he crossed who scanned him with a red light. John wonders why the robots are scanning them. Maureen believes the robots are following cosmic breadcrumbs — Don is the only one amongst them who has been to Alpha Centauri. There’s a shock in the group — their entire freedom is at risk. The robots know where their new home is.

An emotional Will walks away and goes on his own mission; Robot wants to help him, but Will wants Robot to stay behind and ensure his family is safe. Will leaves behind a final transmission that Smith watches — he calls it his last mission. He believes he’s at risk of dying. Will rides a chariot, turns his music on, and wants SAR to go after him. Smith makes Maureen aware of the final transmission by Will as the whole crew is worried about where he is. Maureen tells everyone that they need to find Will before SAR does.

Will stands on a mound and approaches the robots. Flashbacks show Robot trapped by SAR — they want to know why his programming stopped when he met Will Robinson. Back to the present, Will approaches one of the robots and plays the sounds he retrieved from the alien city. He knows that they want to know why Robot changed after he met him. He tells them that the heart is a form of programming, and they can change their own path.

The ending

The robot stops listening to Will Robinson and says “no heart,” and walks towards him threateningly. Will is stabbed one of the robot’s claws. Robot senses danger and runs after Will along with his family. As Will falls, he narrates how much his family and friends mean to him — he asks Robot to take care of his family for him. The series leans on the possibility that Will may die.

With his heartbeat slowing, the family carries Will back to the Jupiter. His pulse is low. John is angry and blames Robot for this and starts punching him while sobbing. Maureen realizes the only way Will survives is if they take him to a hospital on Alpha Centauri. They have no choice but to go, even with the risk of the robots following them. Judy believes Will has a better chance of surviving by putting him into a cryo pod.

Robot starts the engine, and they go through a rift.

This is better from Lost in Space. The story needs an increase of risk as it felt far too easy before.

Additional points

  • Maureen thanks Smith for looking after the kids for a year and asks for a development update on her children.
  • John tells Will that when they get to Alpha Centauri, he wants to do more “father/son” things.

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