‘Osmosis’ Episode 5 – “Betrayal” | Netflix TV Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 29, 2019
Osmosis Episode 5 Recap - Betrayal


Episode 5, “Betrayal”, serves the best chapter so far, as Osmosis shows the true colors of each character.

This recap of Osmosis Episode 5, “Betrayal”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

The most damning part of Episode 5, “Betrayal”, is Paul (Hugo Becker) learning that Joséphine (Philypa Phoenix) removed the implant herself. She sees Osmosis as a control system, designed to co-exist both minds, which can have its benefits, but it secures love in such a guaranteed way that it feels unnatural. And I can see it woven into the narrative; the certainty of love consumes Paul. He wants it to be 100%. Osmosis demonstrates how both siblings have trust issues.

When Joséphine confessed that she removed the implant, you could see the anguish in Paul’s face. Osmosis is his entire ideology to securing the perfect love, and it has been shattered by someone who is meant to be his soul mate. Meanwhile, Niels’ obsession with finding love has forced him to volunteer himself to a mental facility, so he does not harm his “soulmate”. Once he gets to the facility, he realizes that it is not a comfortable time.

The main takeaway from “Betrayal” is the fact that the testers keep experiencing the same memories of a swimming pool, the smell of chlorine, and screaming. This is linked to Esther’s childhood, which opens up another flashback where Paul is being shouted at by his mother for not sharing memories with his sister regarding the pool. The sibling’s issues link back to their childhoods.

Osmosis Episode 5 Recap - Betrayal

Ana, on the other hand, has detached herself from being a mole in the Osmosis test programme. She genuinely believes she has fallen in love with her “soulmate”, but unfortunately, he finds out that she was a spy for the programme, making him think that their entire experiences were fake. As Ana is devastated by her recent argument, Lucas is still battling with the love triangle he finds himself in, which is serving further pain.

Paul and Esther are at this point separated in the story as the brother cannot believe what Esther has done to bring back their mother’s brain activity. Billie conducts a series of tests to find the link between Lucas, Niels, and Ana and learns that Esther is the anomaly, the user who logged in at the same when there has been an issue. This serves a heated argument between them both, but surprisingly Esther seems less bothered by the ethics, giving her a dark side, and allowing you to sympathize with Billie who has connected with each test subject.

As “Betrayal” ends, and Paul signs his company to new investors, Joséphine suspects that she is pregnant. Episode 5 was about betrayals by pretty much everyone.

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