‘Dead to Me’ Episode 8 – “Try To Stop Me” | Netflix TV Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 3, 2019
Dead to Me Episode 8 Try To Stop Me Recap - Netflix Series


There are mixed emotions in Dead to Me Episode 8, “Try To Stop Me”, as Judy has many scenarios to juggle.

This recap of Dead to Me Episode 8, “Try To Stop Me” contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Dead to Me Episode 8, “Try To Stop Me”, has Judy (Linda Cardellini) sweating like a kid in a candy shop. Jen (Christina Applegate) is going through the list with owners of the same car, and Judy is trying to question the ethical standpoint of independently investigating the hit and run. Nick is a detective, and he confirms it’s cool, leaving Judy feeling dizzy. As she offers to investigate the Downtown businesses, the pressure gets to her and she faints.

But then Episode 8 becomes more about Judy than Jen’s investigation. After a brief conversation with Nick, Judy believes she is now pregnant. She tells Nick the truth; that she was recently engaged and that she has feelings for Steve. This was a breakup conversation in the kindest of ways. Nick looks bitterly disappointed.

Jen’s investigation takes a wrong turn; as she checks out an owner’s garage, the man tries it on with her, forcing her to sucker punch him in the nose. Meanwhile, Judy tells Steve that she might be pregnant, but he reveals that he is in a new relationship, and you can feel her whole world crashing around her.

“Try To Stop Me” pushes and pulls the audience regarding the pregnancy scenario. Judy admits that she is not deterred by the prospect of being a single mother and Jen supports her. They have a moment of “sisterly” love, but then the test reveals she is not pregnant. They both decide to get drunk, and Jen kicks herself for putting herself in a position where a man tries it on for her, but Judy reminds her that “I was asking for it” is the wrong attitude. Judy also slyly slips into the conversation that finding out who killed her husband will not make her feel better.

When the pair return to the house, the test says that Judy is, in fact, pregnant, but Episode 8 quickly cuts to her doctors, who quickly confirm that she is not pregnant and that she is experiencing early menopause.

As the emotional stakes are high, Nick has a lightbulb moment; he is beginning to work out the hit and run.

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