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May 3, 2019
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Dead to Me Episode 9, “I Have To Be Honest”, is a brilliant penultimate chapter to the series, as the truths finally come to surface.

This recap of Dead to Me Episode 9, “I Have To Be Honest” contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Dead to Me Episode 9, “I Have To Be Honest”, finally sees Judy (Linda Cardellini) running out of time, and putting in place desperate measures. Nick, who is convinced that the hit and run is linked to Judy and Steve, visits the art gallery and asks Steve about the Mustang.

It’s easy to forget that amongst the tragedy of the cover-up, Judy is going through the stress of the menopause. Jen (Christina Applegate) confesses to struggling financially, and Judy, who senses that family love, offers to help financially.

Episode 9 plays a brief moment where Jen is not obsessing about Ted’s death as much and instead wants to get her life in check after her son Charlie having a teenage tantrum. She visits Ted’s mother, putting her pride aside and asking for a job. The mother takes the petty route and does not give Jen an inch in the conversation, reminding her that she did not answer the phone when Ted called her; she plays the grieving mother well.

After Nick’s art gallery visit, Steve approaches Judy about the investigation. He shows his colder side, stating that she will go down for this, not him. Meanwhile, Nick is attempting to join the dots to the police investigator, but she is coolly cynical, palming off his theories.

Dead to Me Episode 9 I Have To Be Honest Recap - Netflix Series

Jen has found an opportunity to make money quick by selling properties to Steve for $8.6 million, giving her an excellent slice of commission. This moment was embarrassing for Steve, believing that Jen was hitting on him.

Judy refuses to be set up by Steve and serves the ultimate revenge in “I Have To Be Honest”, telling the police detective that he is a money launderer, disguising his finances using a shell company.

Jen’s world falls apart as we near the end of Episode 10, as Charlie decides to move out, referencing the night his mother and Steve had a rather aggressive fight before he left the house. Jen confides in Judy, explaining that Ted hadn’t touched her for a year after her mastectomy. Jen repeatedly blames herself for Ted’s death, which agonizes Judy. She confesses, admitting to hitting him with her Mustang. At this moment, I felt sorry for both of them; I genuinely believe Judy when she states that she sees Jen as a family, and she was not expecting to feel so much love.

Jen barely shows much response, but finally gets up and says, “you can die”. Judy’s night gets worse, as she realizes her close friend Abe has died in the assisted living facility. As Episode 9 closes, Jen gets the gun from the safe.

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