‘Dead to Me’ Episode 7 – “I Can Handle It” | Netflix TV Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 3, 2019
Dead to Me Episode 7 I'll Handle It Recap - Netflix Series


Dead to Me Episode 7, “I Can Handle It” produces a turn of events for Judy, with her secret slowly coming to the surface.

This recap of Dead to Me Episode 7, “I Can Handle It” contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Dead to Me Episode 7, “I Can Handle It”, is not a particularly great episode for Judy (Linda Cardellini), but we’ll get to that soon. In the opening, Jen (Christina Applegate) takes the evidence of the car piece to the police, and she demands to see the file. Viewing the data and the brutal images force Jen into a mini panic attack, and at that moment she wants Judy for support.

But Judy is too preoccupied worrying about the car in Episode 7, storming to Steve’s office. It turns out he has dismantled the car, and he’s placing the scrap in various locations, which at first I thought sounded smart. While Judy absorbs the plan, Jen has another breakdown while working, forcing her business partner to sever ties.

We learn the hold that Steve has over Judy in “I Can Handle It” – as they dismantle more pieces of the car, they reminisce about their relationship, which inevitably leads to sex.

By this point, Jen has been calling Judy all day, and even Nick is looking for her, turning up at Jen’s house for a random drink and slipping in the conversation that on the night her husband died, he was wearing Vans while going out for a run.

Before Judy leaves Steve, he confesses that on a romantic holiday away, he took one of the cursed rocks from the Petrified Rocks site, which is deemed to give people back luck. Judy believes in that kind of mythology and is distraught at the confession.

“I Can Handle It” ends with Judy rethinking the “no car, no crime” theory. Jen is distraught for her not being there in her hour of need and wonders what Steve has over her. The next day, Jen is perky and reveals that Nick has found out the make and model of the car. When Judy tries to point out that the owners have probably removed the car, Jen makes a justified response that they will look even more guilty if their vehicle no longer exists. As Jen walks off, Judy throws up.

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