1994 Review: Netflix’s Miniseries Details Luis Donaldo Colosio’s Rise and Fall

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 17, 2019
Mexican Netflix miniseries 1994 - Luis Donaldo Colosio


Mexican Netflix miniseries 1994 is unashamedly insightful, providing us with a timeline and archive footage surrounding the death of the politician Luis Donaldo Colosio.

Mexican Netflix miniseries 1994 leaves you with the same pensive feeling as Bobby Kennedy for Presidentexcept this time, the spotlight is on Mexico and Luis Donaldo Colosio, an inspiring political figure who was brutally assassinated in the middle of a packed crowd. There’s that sense that we do not deserve leaders like the Colosio, with Mexican outlets still questioning today whether the assassin convicted carried out the crime.

And like Bobby, Mexican series 1994 provides suggestions that he ignited inspiration, that Donaldo Colosio was a balanced, patient and understanding politician that genuinely wanted the best for his nation. With some politicians preferring to make quick decisions and bulldoze them over the public, 1994 frames Colosio as someone who learned from a moment of clarity and came to life in speeches. Of course, 1994 is a window from the perspective of specific people, but that year had an impact on the country and reverberated for several years.

Netflix series 1994 uses plenty of archival footage to bring that chapter of history to life, coupled with new never-seen-before interviews that act as political commentary for the audience’s education. Regardless if you are well-versed in Mexican politics or not, 1994 does a thorough job of scoping the landscape, giving you snippets of information, and using expert opinions to provide you with the sense of the politicians’ inner characters. The miniseries is backed up with accounts from the likes of ex-president Carlos Salinas, who openly details what it felt like to be part of the political entanglement during Luis Donaldo Colosio’s rise.

As you progress through the Mexican Netflix miniseries 1994, you realise each title marks the theme. Episode 2, “Revolution” and Episode 4, “Eagle Knight”, are undoubtedly stand-out chapters and ones that reward you for your patience after a barrage of information to absorb. As I iterated at the start of this review, there’s a real sense of hope, that was soon diminished but then sparked transformative years after the murder. The political series is well worth a stab if you have the time to invest, and you are a keen historian.

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