Mike Epps: Only One Mike Review: Netflix Special Is Full Of Energy

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 25, 2019 (Last updated: February 21, 2024)
Mike Epps: Only One Mike - Netflix Special


Mike Epps: Only One Mike is by no means special or serves any memorable jokes, but the comedian’s energy and raunchiness drive the stand-up to the end.

Netflix special Mike Epps: Only One Mike is energetic from the offset. There’s no escaping the comedian’s style. He pounces on the stage with his jokes ready to be weaponised. I always wonder how a stand-up comedian chooses his style; let the audience in slowly or go for the slam dunks quick. Well, Mike Epps only has one way, and he is raunchy with it.

Like most stand-up specials, Mike Epps loves talking about a range of subjects, but the one matter he stays involved with is sex. In Only One Mike, The comedian enjoys re-enacting individual stories and hypothesising the old age erectile dysfunction. In the same breath, he discusses the horrors of sexual assault, predictably raising the case of Bill Cosby – this a subject comedians enjoy raising at present. I’ve never understood the obsession of raising jokes about the man, but I sense it leans towards the cultural impact it had on Americans. As a British person, it always feels odd to me.

Of course, there wouldn’t be an American stand-up without the routine dig at Donald Trump – his reasons to why the President is racist is applied logic; he will not live in the White House. Why? Because he does not want to follow a black man. Donald Trump roasting never gets old, only because you can imagine the baby flicking through Netflix and being offended.

As Netflix Special Mike Epps: Only One Mike goes through the usual motions, I felt like I had seen this routine before. It feels oddly familiar and predictable, but the only difference is that Mike Epps drives it through with his flavour of energy and raunchiness. Audiences enjoy this kind of s**t; the discussion of body parts, growing old and sexual misconduct allows you to escape for a good hour so you can laugh at the world. The Netflix Special is by no means extraordinary, but it will sure make you smile.

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