Orange Is the New Black Recap: New But Familiar Faces Looking Out For Each Other



Orange Is the New Black Season 7, Episode 8, “Baker’s Dozen” is a steady chapter, with the characters going through the motions of their current issues.

This recap of Netflix series Orange Is the New Black Season 7, Episode 8, “Baker’s Dozen” contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Aleida is back in “Baker’s Dozen”, and it is like nothing has changed. The only difference is, her daughter Daya is trying to keep her authority, but the problem is Aleida provides the drugs, so she is top of the food chain. Her real mission is to get her daughter off the drugs. On the sidelines, Hopper is frustrated, looking on and seeing his partner back in prison — the guards will be suspecting that he’s breaching the law.

Poor Red — Nicky suspects something is not quite right with her friend in episode 8. “Baker’s Dozen” sees Nicky trying to help Red out by sending a letter. This encourages a flashback of Red, back when she was involved with a criminal organization. Red’s deteriorating health is hard to watch. She’s an incredible character, and the cornerstone of Orange Is the New Black.

As for Piper, she’s still trying to find her feet in the world. In Episode 8, her friend takes her to a hideout in the middle of some woods to relax but also inadvertently set Piper up with a friend. Piper is not interested though. She’s concerned about her mental wellbeing and eagerly waits for Alex.

But Alex has her new romance to deal with. Artesian and the inmate start the chapter awkwardly after they kissed in the previous episode. Alex claims she does not feel anything.

In a pivotal moment in Season 7, Daya gives Tasha the drugs she has been asking for. The question is will she takes the drugs and take her life?

As Orange Is the New Black Season 7, Episode 8, “Baker’s Dozen” ends, Nicky learns that Red has sent this letter to the recipient before, apologizing about her son’s death. Red does not remember ever sending the same letter, and Nicky advises that she must see a doctor. The duo is essentially mother-daughter, and Nicky is devastated to see this happen to Red. Meanwhile, Artesian gives Alex a speech about not fitting in and feeling lonely, and they end in each other’s arms again.

Warden’s Notes.

  • Lorna lectures Nicky about her new girlfriend being an immigrant — following the season’s theme.
  • Linda is angry at Tamika for messing up the interview.
  • Tamika asks Tasha to tutor inmates — she starts tutoring Nicky, suggesting that she hasn’t given up yet on her life.
  • Suzanne is running a chicken farm.

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    Did anyone notice that at 58:30 there is someone walking in the woods behind pipers head?

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