The Letdown Recap: First Birthday Parties Are A Farce

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 31, 2019 (Last updated: last month)
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Netflix Series The Letdown Season 2, Episode 1 - One


The Letdown Season 2, Episode 1, “One” articulates the nonsense brilliantly surrounding preparing for a baby’s first-ever birthday.

This recap of Netflix series The Letdown Season 2, Episode 1, “One” contains significant spoilers. You can read our season review by clicking these words. 

I remember my son’s first birthday party. Me and the baby mother invited every soul possible to our small 2-bedroomed terrace, ensured we spent a S*** load of money and pretended that our son cared. The fact is, apart from the sentiment, nobody cares about first birthday parties. I don’t care if your little one is about to have one now, and go fume on a parent forum about my review as much as you like — what parent feels happy after spending the entire day trying to make a lively party for a 1-year old? No-one. That’s why I love The Letdown Season 2, Episode 1, “One” — it’s realistic

It doesn’t help that Audrey (Alison Bell) is planning the entire occassion herself while Jeremy is planted in Adelaide for his job. It’s hilarious how they try and maintain their marriage by pressing play on Netflix via Skype at the same time. Audrey goes overboard on preparations for Stevie’s birthday party, making homemade cakes, sugar-free buns and putting up way too many party decorations. She even gets a haircut, making her look like a young Margaret Thatcher. Nobody wants that.

The party itself is what you’d expect; some people arriving too early, others arriving too late, the house an absolute mess and friends becoming way too demanding of your hospitality. I felt like screaming for Audrey, while her Husband Jeremy (Duncan Fellows) tip-toed around her ready to offer pleasantries and offers of chores. “One” is an absolute belter of an episode.

The Letdown Season 2, Episode 1, “One” ends with Audrey asking Jeremy, “did we do the right thing?”. Well, if you are on about the birthday party, no.

The Baby Brain Diary

  • Jeremy gets restless on the plane home from Adelaide — the pressure is getting to him — he’s concerned that his family will not move with him.
  • There was a moment Jeremy spoke to Ruben at the party – it was a Ricky Gervais-type moment because it felt awkward considering Audrey kissed Ruben last season.
  • Audrey’s friend Sophie announces she is pregnant again – stealing Audrey’s thunder.
  • There is a flashback to Audrey and Steve talking of a second baby, but she nearly died during childbirth the first time.

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