Suits Recap: Will Samantha Recover From Her [SPOILER]?

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 15, 2019 (Last updated: November 24, 2023)
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Suits Season 9, Episode 5 - If the Shoe Fits


Suits Season 9, Episode 5, “If the Shoe Fits” brings nostalgia back into the mix, making it the best episode of this season so far.

This recap of Suits Season 9, Episode 5, “If the Shoe Fits” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

I was way too excited when I saw Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) return, enjoy pizza and drinks with Harvey. The duo is back — temporarily, but the nostalgia it provided brought back the Suits we used to love. Back and forth banter and friendly competition between the pair. But it was too good to be true.

It turns out Mike only returns in Episode 5 because he had a case against Harvey’s firm. Mike’s client is accusing one of Samantha’s clients of exploiting workers with cheaper labour and excruciating hours. “If the Shoe Fits” makes Mike the unlikely enemy, and Harvey having to fight against his old friend.

This is the kind of drama that Suits manages to lap up brilliantly every time. Harvey, Samantha and Mike are winners. “If the Shoe Fits” sees all three get into the ring and jab it out until the knockout.

While the fire burns on one side of the firm; Louis and Sheila are having problems. During role-playing, which was hilarious, Sheila becomes self-conscious about her feet, claiming they will never return to normal size after she has given birth. Louis is incredibly disastrous at handling the situation — instead of listening to Sheila, he tries to argue with her.

Witnessing Louis handle his impending fatherhood is a sight to behold.

“If the Shoe Fits” becomes unprecedented as Harvey becomes undone by Mike; he manages to find a way of claiming an advantage for his client, and there is nothing Harvey and Samantha can do about it. Harvey is genuinely happy for Mike, congratulating him on his victory. It was a budding moment between the pair, recognising how they have managed to learn from each other’s traits.

But nothing is simple in Episode 5, because Harvey underestimated Samantha’s lack of sentiment to the situation and she fabricates evidence to turn the advantage back to her client. Harvey and Mike’s friendship suddenly becomes frail, leaving Samantha to endure a painful victory.

What Samantha did not realise is that Faye was waiting on the sidelines, watching the scene unfold with Mike Ross. Faye approaches Samantha and accuses Harvey of fabricating evidence. Samantha denies Harvey did any wrongdoing; Faye turns the screw on Samantha and fires her from the firm.

Suits Season 9, Episode 5, “If the Shoe Fits” felt like a blood bath of the trio swinging wild hooks, but will Samantha recover from her dismissal?

Legal Records

  • After consoling with Donna, Katrina learns that she needs to find herself, rather than focusing her entire life on her career. She deletes a voicemail from Brian rather than listening to it.
  • Louis and Sheila attend counselling, where we learn that Sheila is having second thoughts about her career with the baby due.

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