13 Reasons Why Recap: Trying To Change

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 23, 2019 (Last updated: November 1, 2023)
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Netflix Series 13 Reasons Why Season 3, Episode 3 - The Good Person Is Indistinguishable from the Bad


13 Reasons Why Season 3, Episode 3, “The Good Person Is Indistinguishable from the Bad” deals with the aftermath of Bryce’s death, and the impact on Jessica.

This recap of 13 Reasons Why Season 3, Episode 3, “The Good Person Is Indistinguishable from the Bad” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

The death of Bryce has everyone spooked in Episode 3. The ordeal spooks clay and Ani, but Ani asks the pertinent question; “didn’t Clay want to kill him?”.

This leads the duo to one of Bryce’s notes. It reveals how he wanted to speak to Jessica before he died. In a flashback, Jessica Davies becomes the President-Elect and delivers yet another rousing speech about being angry, and changing the way the school deals with jocks. Ani takes more of a keen interest in Jessica, and learns that she feels passionless with Alex, and complains about the sex. Jessica decides to buy sex toys and reveals to Ani that she is sleeping with someone else.

“The Good Person Is Indistinguishable from the Bad” flashbacks to a conversation between Jessica and Bryce. Jessica tries to convince Bryce that he did not break her, and his neutral response angers her more. But more interestingly, Ani continues to lie as the narrator. She spent a lot of time with Bryce at his house, playing poker and getting to know him.

Growing suspicious of Jessica, Ani and Clay follow her. They confront Jessica and Justin about Bryce and their suspicion that she was trying to re-write the story. Ani believes Jessica slept with Bryce. But flashbacks reveal that Bryce told Justin that he knows about the Spring Fling, where Tyler planned a school shooting. Ani and Clay’s confrontation exposed the truth; that Jessica is sleeping with Justin, and she’s using her newfound confidence in her body to take back her power, using the likes of bondage and exploring various moves in the bedroom. There’s still something hiding beneath though, and I sense it in Justin.

13 Reasons Why Season 3, Episode 3, “The Good Person Is Indistinguishable from the Bad” ends with Jessica breaking up with Alex, but she does ask the question, “what will people think if they find out I’ve been having sex with the guy who let me be raped?”.

If the killer wasn’t Jessica, then who was it? Ani narrates some hints angling at Justin, Monty, and Tyler, but it seems too early in the series to become that obvious.

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Missing Tape Recordings

  • Clay notices a scratch on Justin’s back.
  • Monty is distraught by the news.
  • Nora believes one of the kids killed Bryce.
  • Ani and Clay have dinner together before working on the robotics project. They have loads in common — Tyler joins them. Clay believed it was a date.
  • Tyler continues to learn boxing with Tony, and he asks Tony how they got rid of all the guns. Tyler tells Tony that he has one more gun and wants to get rid of it.
  • Tony wants to speak to the police before the story goes out of control.

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