Suits Recap: Some Lines We Will Not Cross

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 29, 2019 (Last updated: November 24, 2023)
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Suits Season 9, Episode 6 - Whatever It Takes


Suits Season 9, Episode 6, “Whatever It Takes” sees the firms struggle with their own principles, in a bid to save Samantha.

This recap of Suits Season 9, Episode 6, “Whatever It Takes” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

The theme of every season of Suits is family, and this time, Samantha (Katherine Heigl) needs help.

Episode 6 sees the group find different ways to dig dirt on Faye to force her hand so Samantha can get her job back. Samantha asks an old acquaintance from the FBI for help, but in return, he asks for information on Gavin Andrews, Alex’s client, who warns Samantha against it.

Harvey and Louis’ tactic is to approach Faye’s ex-husband and find dirt. There’s not plenty on Faye, but enough to give Harvey the suspicion that she damaged his career for money.

There’s a telling moment when Faye tells Harvey the truth when he presses her to why she did not remove her ex-husband from the bar. She explains that her actions were for her daughter — Faye did not want her child growing up seeing her father as a criminal. Donna and Louis can see the conflict in Harvey because after all, family is family. He gives Samantha and Alex a day to figure something else out on Faye, or he will be throwing Faye under the bus for covering up her ex-husband’s activities.

Katrina has an essential story in Episode 6 as Brian returns. He’s representing a client against Katrina. The pair is struggling to face each other, with Brian helping Katrina with delay tactics while she’s suffering from a migraine during the case. In court, Katrina asks for his client’s emails, arguing that relationships get personal and lines get blurred. Susan, who is helping Katrina on the case, recognizes that Katrina does not want to defeat Brian entirely, but advises that she should, as that’s the professional thing to do.

When Katrina visits Brian in his office to offer the final blow, she learns that Brian took the case on purpose to spend time with her. She’s appalled by his actions and leaves.

Samantha now has information, but Robert, who has returned to help his friend, asks the FBI to sign an immunity paper. The FBI reveals they have nothing on Faye, and have indeed tricked Samantha. I do hope that Samantha manages to find the holy grail she needs in life — stability.

Suits Season 9, Episode 6, “Whatever It Takes” ends with Faye thanking Donna for persuading Harvey not to throw her under the bus. Donna politely explains that there are some lines this firm does not cross.

Legal Records

  • Alex feels guilty as he was asked to spy on Samantha by Faye.
  • Samantha knows where her biological father is. Harvey volunteers to take her to see him.
  • Harvey will be planning Faye’s baby shower.
  • Susan gives Susan the victory for the case against Brian and makes her an associate.

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