Three Ups & Three Downs in IT Chapter Two

September 8, 2019
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Pennywise has returned, as have the adult versions of the Loser’s Club, who must reunite in Derry to fight the evil shapeshifter once again. We are going to see if the sequel lives up to the praise the first one did. (You can also check out our official review and our second opinion.) Here are three ups & three downs in It Chapter Two.

There will be spoilers here, this is your warning.

Up 1: The Cast

The cast of adults are perfect evolutions of the child versions of the characters. Jessica Chastain continues to show us a victim of abuse in Beverly, James McAvoy brings the leadership qualities behind Bill, Bill Hader lends his natural comedic ability to Richie and steals most of the scenes, though James Ransone as Eddie does help Hader shine; the two have as brilliant chemistry as Jack Dylan Grazer and Finn Wolfhard. Jay Ryan does show the transformation that Ben has gone through and Isaiah Mustafa has gone along way since the Old Spice adverts. To be able to capture the same character traits with a whole new cast is fantastic to see.

Down 1: James McAvoy

While I might have just praised James McAvoy’s casting, I had one major problem with his performance. First, he does give a great performance throughout the film. The problem I had was with his choice of accent. The accent he chose to us reminds me too much of Hedwig, the 10-year-old persona he had in Split and Glass. Every time he went to say something it felt like he was just about to put that giggle at the end which took away a big part of his overall performance.

Up 2: Pennywise

The backbone of the IT book, mini-series and films will always be Pennywise; his look, his actions and the general fear factor he brings to the mind. Bill Skarsgard steps back into this role, where he is fantastic once again, and we do get a lot more Pennywise. IT will give more damage to innocent characters, which both shocks and adds to the film which will only increase the danger he could bring us.

It Chapter Two Second Opinion

Down 2: The Length of the Film

One of the big talking points before people could see the film was the length. At 2 hours 49 minutes, it does feel very, very, very long at times, with large parts just dragging along. We do get a couple of scenes which are just reminders of what happened in the first one, we get extensions of these scenes, which do tie into everything going on now. This is a film that relies on the constant scares, which can come at times, but it is the fact that these characters are adults now which means we must go through a lot of moments that we just don’t need to be going through. You will feel the length of this film.

Up 3: Richie & Eddie

Richie and Eddie were the highlights of the Loser’s Club in the first film, with their constant bantering, and the grown-up versions of the characters ae no different, with Richie’s comedy that doesn’t always feel appropriate playing perfectly with the nervous side to Eddie. You could easily see these two characters fall into a supporting role, but they end up forcing themselves to get what feels like more screen time than Bill and Beverly, who are arguable the main characters.

Down 3: Meeting the Adults

When it comes to bringing the characters back to Derry, Mike is the one that makes the calls; he has suddenly become fascinated with the history of Derry, which in the first chapter was a role occupied by Ben. Mike has just been keeping notes and seeing the return of Pennywise, and when it comes to the rest of the characters, it feels like we are just going through the routine of speed dating, with maybe two-minute scenes just highlighting the career path or, in Beverly’s case, the fact she is still being abused as an adult. Most of the male characters are also married, with little mention when we are in Derry even though, if we are honest, their wives would be concerned, especially Eddie’s who was worried about him driving to work.

What were some of the things you enjoyed or didn’t enjoy?

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