Locke and Key season 3, episode 6 recap – “Free Bird”

By Jordan Lyon
Published: August 10, 2022
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Locke and Key season 3, episode 6 recap - "Free Bird"


The drama continues to rise as Locke and Key reaches the final three episodes. Whilst it’s safe to say that the show can only really end with the Locke family being triumphant, it’s still an exciting journey to watch regardless.

This recap of Locke and Key season 3, episode 6, “Free Bird”, contains spoilers. You can check out all of our coverage on this show by clicking these words.

Locke and Key season 3, episode 6 recap

As Ellie and Rufus drive to the house, she has a strange turn. The next thing we know, Tyler is banging on the car door, asking to go in. Captain Frederick Gideon learns that the “end of the world” cannot happen as a key is missing. Bode goes to Chamberlin and asks for help warning his family about Gideon, but Chamberlin is unable to help. Sam Lesser, the student who killed Rendell, is there, and he offers to help Bode. Bode, however, refuses his help.

When Josh is at work, James barges in and threatens him at gunpoint to give him Nina’s location. For a brief moment, Josh gets the upper hand. But when Josh shoots him, nothing happens. James then snatches the gun, shoots Josh in the shoulder, and kidnaps Jamie. After Bode learns that Sam has helped his family, Bode reluctantly goes to Sam for help; and Sam informs Bode that birds sense them. Nina learns from Josh that James has Jamie and is heading towards them; Tyler believes that if they play their cards right, it may work in their favor.

When James and Jamie arrive, James ties Tyler and Kinsey up and leads them into the woods. Whilst the two siblings convince James to release Jamie, Nina is waiting for her close by. Before long, Josh is also at the house, but he collapses soon after reuniting with Jamie. After going to the hospital, Josh wants to know the truth, although Nina wonders if he’ll be able to believe her. Even so, she tells him why he was attacked. And, much to Josh’s relief, Josh believes her! When James leads Kinsey and Tyler back to the house, Kinsey senses that Bode is nearby.

The Ending

In the house, Tyler tells Captain Gideon that the missing key is in the graveyard; and to access it, the Ghost Key must be used. When the Captain forces James, Kinsey believes that Bode has taken control of a bird. Nina and Ellie team up to fight Gideon, and soon after, Tyler and Kinsey steal the keys when Bode uses a swarm of birds to attack Gideon. The Lockes release Bode; however, Gideon attacks Ellie and goes to throw her into the portal.

It’s at that moment that Rufus arrives. With one key still missing, the Captain forces Ellie into helping him as James regains consciousness. And as the Lockes soon find, it’s not actually James. It’s Sam.

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