RoleFilm and TV Writer
LocationWenatchee City, Washington, USA
ExpertiseTV, Film, Entertainment, Books
Contribution84 articles published since April 2021

Tyler Howat

Tyler Howat joined Ready Steady Cut in November 2017, publishing over 100 articles for the website. Based out of Wenatchee City, Washington, Tyler has used his education and experience to become a highly skilled writer, critic, librarian, and teacher. He has a passion for Film, TV, and Books and a huge soft spot for Star Trek.

As well as being a critic in films and books, Tyler is the co-host of the podcast Geek Card Check, a show where the hosts rewatch the classics in Film and TV.

Tyler’s primary profession is education, and he’s currently a Teacher of Humanities and Dean of Academics at The River Academy in Wenatchee City, Washington.

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