Goliath Recap: A Forgotten Opportunity

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 4, 2019 (Last updated: November 11, 2023)
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Amazon Series Goliath Season 3, Episode 4 - Full Circle


Goliath Season 3, Episode 4, “Full Circle” explains how Billy feels familiar in the county despite “never being there”, in a chapter about missed opportunities.

This recap of Amazon Series Goliath Season 3, Episode 4, “Full Circle” contains spoilers. You can read our recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Episode 4 was made to explain to the audience why Billy McBride (Billy Bob Thornton) has been acting strange, not able to understand how he has been to this place before.

The flashbacks began when he met Bobby Bennet. He describes her as “one hell of a lawyer” — it’s clear these two had a “thing” for each other back in the day. Bobby talks about how bad the money was on her land, but she does not want to make her husband worry. Bobby also spoke about having premonitions of her death. Unfortunately, Billy wouldn’t take her case because he knew little of water routes. He also asked about their past — “you knew I had feelings for you”.

Meanwhile in Episode 4, Brittany is told that she has little chance of making it to the Bar, but she is advised to ask Billy McBride to testify for her to increase the likelihood of getting approved. He agrees to help.

And then Janet suddenly pops up, and Billy wonders why she has — he did give her his address when they were stranded in Mexico. They end up at a small drinking gathering, and he takes a very dodgy punch, meaning he will not remember the rest of the night. Janet and Billy end up at the same casino we have seen in the last three episodes, and the casino manager is kind and polite to Billy at first. At the casino, he sees Rita, Wade and other acquaintances 0- there was a lot of information for him to gather at the time for Bobby. The casino manager tells him, “your death is closer than you think”.

Goliath Season 3, Episode 4, “Full Circle” closes with Billy ending up at a hotel room party where he talks to a man named Jackson, who claims he makes significant deals in the water business.

It’s just such a shame Billy is unlikely to remember any of this.

Drunken, Scrawly Notes

  • Patty gets caught waiting outside her ex’s house.

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