Insatiable Season 2 Review: A Continuation Of An Outrageously Wild Story But With Important Messages

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 11, 2019 (Last updated: November 13, 2023)
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Netflix Series Insatiable Season 2


Insatiable Season 2 continues its strong story arc, driving home important messages and ensuring the story stays fresh and exciting.

This review of Netflix’s Insatiable Season 2 does not contain spoilers. You can read our review of the previous season by clicking these words.

The production team of Insatiable is probably slightly relieved that the Breaking Bad film is coming out on the same day Season 2 drops. Insatiable was given an unnecessary angle in the media based on ‘fat-shaming’ when, in reality, that claim was far from the truth. I’m also relieved that Insatiable Season 2 sneaked out on to the platform — in my last review I was accused of being a bully and having a sheltered life, despite being bullied most of childhood and growing up in West Yorkshire at a public, multi-cultural school — my life was far from sheltered.

But the real positive is that Insatiable Season 2 can be viewed without the pre-empted hysteria. There are plenty of themes to latch on to and discuss without the whole ‘fat-shaming’ debacle. Like its predecessor, Insatiable Season 2 serves an outrageously wild story, but embedded into the crux of the show are messages that far outweigh the likes of 13 Reasons Why, which has 13 Reasons to cancel.

Season 2 continues after the dramatics surrounding Patty’s (Debby Ryan) moment of seeing red; our lead character has plenty of problems to contend with after murdering Christian and Magnolia running away from the trunk of the car she was shackled in. Patty also has a hunch that she killed Stella too. From the opening episode, Patty’s and Bob Armstrong’s problems escalate, very quickly, and form the basis for the rest of the story

Insatiable Season 2 is a healthy continuation, embracing what was significantly positive about the story and just rolling with it. Season 2 opens up slowly with Patty’s disorder, describing how she feels about food in the most intense situations. The message is on point; there’s no point pretending that food does not impact her mental wellbeing — it does, and that message will be appreciated by many.

Of course, Insatiable Season 2 continues to tackle worthy themes that will be respected by the LGBTQ+ community — Bob Armstrong still battles with his bisexuality, and his yearn for a polyamorous relationship while Bob Barnard hones in on his new life as a gay man. The story arcs towards characters finding their inner selves, and magnifying their problems to a severe degree which injects dark comedy into the story. What I genuinely enjoy about Insatiable is the notion that anyone can be a good or bad person, regardless of background or circumstance, and that’s a brave flag to lead on. It mixes the story with the downfalls of social media, the shallowness of politics, and the pressure of judgment.

And I think ‘judgment’ is likely the most appropriate term to use now we have been served a second season of Insatiable. It continues to present reality to our current and upcoming generations that are so wounded by the thoughts of others. It’s the core of Season 2, and all the characters’ decisions are based on an opinion from someone else rather than what makes them happy.

Overall, the good news is, you can watch Insatiable Season 2 without the pressure of irrational pre-opinions surrounding it. Distraction is a powerful tool, which works in this Netflix series’ favor.

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