Modern Love Recap: He’s Not For You

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 18, 2019 (Last updated: November 15, 2023)
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Modern Love Season 1, Episode 1 - When The Doorman Is Your Main Man


Modern Love Season 1, Episode 1, “When The Doorman Is Your Main Man” opens up the Amazon Series with true platonic love.

This recap of Amazon Series Modern Love Season 1, Episode 1, “When The Doorman Is Your Main Man” contains significant spoilers. You can read the season review by clicking these words.

Amazon series Modern Love opens up with a sweet, sweet tale of true platonic love. It follows New Yorker Maggie (Cristin Milioti) who lives in a cost-effective but fancy apartment in the middle of the city passed down to her by family.

Episode 1 reveals how Maggie is serial dating, meeting all kinds of men, but at the end of the night, when she returns to her hotel-looking apartment, the doorman Guzmin (Laurentiu Possa) makes a judgment on whether the man she is seeing is good enough for her. According to Maggie, Guzmin never gets it right, but that does not stop him from making her feel wary. “When The Doorman Is Your Main Man” explores a strange bond and one that takes a while to absorb.

But once absorbed, and Episode 1 nestles the dynamic, it pulls you through a series of scenes showing Maggie and Guzmin interact with each other. Guzmin takes his job very seriously as the doorman, but his core interest is that Maggie makes the right choices for her.

The turning point of Episode 1 is when Maggie finds out she is pregnant. She meets the guy she momentarily dated and reveals that she’s having his baby, and he cannot wait to drop responsibility. Fortunately, Maggie has Guzmin’s support all the way, who shows slight emotions when Maggie shows him the baby picture.

“When The Doorman Is Your Main Man” then fast tracks to the baby growing up to be a toddler, and then a child, and how Guzmin actively got involved, until one day, Maggie has to leave for LA for career reasons. It’s a moment where both characters could have been selfish, but Guzmin encourages her to go and fulfill her ambitions.

Modern Love Season 1, Episode 1, “When The Doorman Is Your Main Man” ends with Maggie returning to New York five years later to meet Guzmin with her new partner. When Guzmin meets Maggie’s partner, he declares he has passed the test.

“I was never looking at the man Maggie, I always looked at your eyes”.

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