Dollface Recap: Crawling Back

November 15, 2019
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Dollface Season 1, Episode 1, “Guy’s Girl” gets off to a bland start, as Jules opens up her world of sudden singlehood and hitting up old friends.

This recap of Hulu series Dollface Season 1, Episode 1, “Guy’s Girl” contains significant spoilers. You can read the season 1 review by clicking these words.

The opening of Dollface gets off to a quick start — Jules (Kat Dennings) and her boyfriend Jeremy are having a meal and… he suddenly breaks up with her. She’s understandably upset, after 5 years of being with someone, what happens next? Jeremy meekly replies, “Spend time with women”.

Jules ends up on this “break-up” coach, where the driver is a cat lady and all the women on the coach are all wounded by a recent break-up. They eventually pass “rebound town” and land at a “friends” destination. Jules is assessed to see where all her friends are. Apparently, they have all expired after she bored them off for too long. She decides to go visit an old best friend, Madison Maxwell.

The issue is, Madison is not interested in rekindling their friendship in Episode 1. Jules abandoned their connection over Jeremy for 5 years and it is clear she is groveling back into her life. Jules is determined to make Madison her friend again.

Jules manages to get exclusive tickets to a launch Aruba party for Madison and her friends, including the elusive Stella. Madison makes the audience aware that Jules hates parties, so it is clear what Jules is trying to do — make up for the lost time. At the party, Jules continues to try to prove herself as “one of the girls”, but Madison gets infuriated when Jules does not want to go to the bathroom together.

It’s clear that Dollface is not a normal story, however, the opening chapter is almost bland with barely any spark.

Anyway, Dollface Season 1, Episode 1, “Guy’s Girl” continues with Jules trying to win friends back into her life. Stella ends up driving away with someone in a random van that panics them all. Madison reveals that while Jules was AWOL, her mother was really sick and needed her friends. You can understand now why Madison is reluctant to make up with Jules. Anyway, after bonding with each other while trying to find Stella, the episode ends with Jules and Madison texting each other as they get into bed after a hectic night.

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