The Crown Recap: Choosing Who You Love

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 17, 2019
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Netflix series The Crown Season 3, Episode 9 - Imbroglio


The Crown Season 3, Episode 9, “Imbroglio” surfaces tension between Prince Charles and his family, plus it provides the audience insight into the miner’s strike.

This recap of Netflix series The Crown Season 3, Episode 9, “Imbroglio” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Cracks in the family are beginning to form in Episode 9, mostly with Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor). The chapter opens up with The Duke of Windsor’s funeral. The Queen briefly looks at Charles as he mourns. Former King Edward VIII left him a pocket watch. The Duchess of Windsor asks Charles if Camilla is the one. He believes she is, so the Duchess warns him of his family.

Charles tells Camilla how he feels different than his family, and that in some moments, they look united against him. This is met by a shot (see above) of all of them standing together looking at him — Charles feels like he has replaced the Duke of Windsor.

Prime Minister Heath meets The Queen in Episode 9, “Imbroglio”. On the agenda is the mine workers. The Queen felt an increase in pay was reasonable, but the Prime Minister is prepared to resist the demands. Philip asks The Queen if she has warmed to the Prime Minister yet, providing her with plenty of rumors about him.

The Queen tells Philip that Charles looks serious about Camilla. Philip reckons it is “just a bit of fun”. The following scenes show that Charles is falling in love with Camilla, and he confides in Lord Mountbatten that his situation with Camilla is complicated. Charles tells Lord Mountbatten that she is the one, and asks for his help.

Lord Mountbatten does the opposite and goes straight to the Queen Mother about Camilla and his frustration that they’ve become closer. The plan was never for them to fall in love, but to have some fun to give Charles some confidence.

Meanwhile, The Miners Union meet the Prime Minister. They ask him to touch a piece of coal and demand that he understands the miners’ contribution to the country. The Prime Minister is not impressed by the aggressive approach and insists he will not deviate.

In response to the meeting, The Prime Minister announces plans to self-impose power cuts up and down the country to reserve energy in response to the miner’s strike. Philip and The Queen believe the government’s plans are terrible.

Episode 9, “Imbroglio” continues to show how The Royal Family intervenes in relationships if required. Queen Mother meets the Shand and the Bowles family to discuss Prince Charles and Camilla. Meanwhile, Prince Charles gets given his first official post in the Caribbean after apparently exceeding in his training. He immediately figures out that this was orchestrated by his family and drives straight to the palace.

Charles speaks to The Queen and tells her about his official post. He asks his mother if she is breaking him and Camilla up. Charles makes it known that he is aware of the history of cruelty in the family when it comes to certain relationships. The Queen immediately arranges a meeting with the Queen Mother and Lord Mountbatten and asks why Camilla and Charles cannot be allowed to love.

Later in the evening, Princess Anne attends the family meeting and they ask her some questions. One of the questions is around the suitability of Camilla and Anne says it will be fine, however, Andrew Parker Bowles will always be the third person as Camilla still loves him. Anne also confesses to sleeping with Andrew “for a bit of fun” — like father like daughter. It seems that The Queen is convinced that Charles and Camilla should be separated.

The Queen Mother lets the Queen know that Camilla is due to marry Andrew and asks if she can tell Charles. Lord Mountbatten tells the Prince instead, and he is crestfallen. Charles rings Camilla and asks if she loves Andrew. She admits she does, but also that she had feelings for Charles too. She ends the call with, “this will be better for everybody in the long run”. As Queen Elizabeth writes her Wedding Anniversary speech, she admits she feels sorry for Charles. Philip states it will be soon forgotten.

The Crown Season 3, Episode 9, “Imbroglio” closes with The Queen delivering her anniversary speech, which feels ironic given the context of the chapter. Camilla and Andrew get married and Philip is depressed at his post in the Caribbean.

Her Majesty’s Archives (HMA)

  • The Queen is angry at the PM Heath for misunderstanding the miners and causing blackouts.

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