The Feed Recap: Invasion of Privacy

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 22, 2019 (Last updated: November 30, 2023)
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Amazon Series The Feed Season 1, Episode 2


The Feed Season 1, Episode 2 deals with a real theme of an invasion of privacy as more secrets are revealed in the Hatfield family.

This recap of Amazon Series The Feed Season 1, Episode 2 contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

There’s a lot of paranoia within the Hatfield family and for good reason too.

The Feed Episode 2 opens with an awkward “family photo time”. Tom (Guy Burnet) asks Lawrence how you can get permission to get inside someone’s head. Later in the day, Kate tells Tom something is wrong with her feed. He suspected something all along.

Evelyn shows that Kate’s feed is clear but there is evidence that someone was in her head while she was sleeping. That person was Lawrence. Kate asks for a hard copy of everything Lawrence has done, But Evelyn is hesitant to do so.

Lawrence and Meredith report on the incident and the resistors in a briefing. They claim they want to identify those responsible and seek approval to use the public for help.

Tom confronts Lawrence about being inside his wife’s head. Lawrence tries making excuses, but Tom states he reckons it is because of Sarah and Anton. Lawrence is adamant he does not know what is going on and he wants answers. Tom demands to see Sarah and Anton.

At the midway point of Episode 2, Kate gets all the information about Lawrence’s invasion from a person Max knows. Tom speaks to Anton and asks if he knows Sarah, but Anton walks away. It’s clear that they knew each other. Meredith tries to speak to Kate to talk and try and calm down the situation with Lawrence, but she refuses, and pieces all the data together. She believes Lawrence’s privacy invasion is to do with her baby.

Ben is worried that the hacking has come from within, so he interrogates Evelyn and indirectly accuses her, stating that Max could be a resister. Ben shows footage of Max in a neighborhood all afternoon and wonders what he was up to. Lawrence stops the investigation and in a conversation with Evelyn, it is revealed that Evelyn decoded Kate’s feed. Meanwhile, Kate reckons Lawrence did something to her baby.

In a bad move, Anton and Sarah are put in the same room with each other. Tom panics and runs downstairs to stop them from looking at each other, but it is too late — Anton kills Sarah and then kills himself, leaving a bloody mess on Tom’s clothes. Tom speaks to his parents about Sarah and Anton who give nothing away.

As Tom returns home, she meddles with her feed’s settings. She manages to get deeper into her settings and sees her child’s name. When Tom enters the room, she reveals that Lawrence put a feed in their baby. Meanwhile, Meredith and Lawrence argue about the future of the feed. Their marriage is clearly strained.

The Feed Season 1, Episode 2 ends with Tom and Kate planning on driving away from the town and finding a way of removing the feed from their baby. Max wakes up with his feed malfunctioning and then he falls back to sleep

The Feed Version Notes

  • Evelyn suggests a weekend away with Max. Evelyn insists she never invaded people’s privacy.
  • Danny believes he has found a resistor. He plays a game with one of his friends for coins and he has a fit.
  • Max delivers cooking classes.
  • Evelyn was suspicious of Max. She looks through his suitcase and sees he has bought her an engagement ring.

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