The Feed Recap: A “Relaxing” Retreat

November 22, 2019
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The Feed Season 1, Episode 3 increases the intensity of the story and ends in rather dramatic circumstances making it the most thrilling chapter so far.

This recap of Amazon Series The Feed Season 1, Episode 3 contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Due to the secrets revealed in the previous episode, Kate (Nina Toussaint-White) and Tom make their way to the digital detox farm where Max and Evelyn are, while Meredith visits business acquaintances in a foreign country to try to sell their solution.

Max is acting strangely in The Feed Episode 3 — at one point he starts chopping food but he keeps zoning out. Eventually, Tom and Kate arrive at the farm.

Meredith presents the original feed to the business acquaintances. She tests it on one of them and they are blown away. Meanwhile, Ben is looking into Sarah and Anton’s feeds to try and find any patterns.

Meredith’s presentation goes wrong with the feed glitching, and violence ensues, prompting the protestors outside to go after her. There are politics in the country that are against the technology. Lawrence asks what I believe to be a version of the UN to help rescue his wife. Meredith returns home safely.

Back at the retreat and Tom tells Max they should take out their feeds but Max has another objective — he tells Tom he intends to propose to Evelyn.

Ben wants the results of the “dark” experienced by Sarah and Anton. He learns there is a glitch in the software that causes violence and it is extremely dangerous. He makes his father aware.

The Feed Season 1, Episode 3 ends in dramatic and stressful circumstances; Max tells Tom that he did not propose as he couldn’t find the right time. He then offers to drive to help put Tom’s baby to sleep. In the car, Tom asks if he knows anyone that can remove his feed and Max has a suggestion, but the feed is giving him a headache again. He complains that “it’s getting dark”. As the car stops, Tom punches him and runs off. Max gets out of the car and fires arrows at him, with one of them hitting him. The baby is screaming, making it extremely difficult for Tom to get away. At one point he puts his hand over the baby’s mouth which was difficult to watch. The danger of the baby’s health alerts Kate.

Just as Max was about to kill Tom, Kate shows up with Evelyn and shoots Max and he collapses.

The Feed Version Notes

  • Kate speaks to her sister before setting off.
  • Ben goes to speak to his separated wife Miyu but she wants him to respect boundaries. He tells Muyi he loves her.
  • Tom suggests to Kate finding a place on the outskirts of the city. Kate suggests a new place but staying near family — Tom is on board.

You can read the recap of the fourth episode by clicking these words.

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