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By Daniel Hart
Published: December 18, 2019 (Last updated: December 16, 2023)
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Netflix series Soundtrack Season 1, Episode 9 - Track 9: Margot and Annette


Soundtrack Season 1, Episode 9, “Track 9: Margot and Annette” delves into both women doing all they can do to protect their families and having choices to make.

This recap of Netflix series Soundtrack Season 1, Episode 9, “Track 9: Margot and Annette” contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Soundtrack Episode 9 opens up with “Roads” by Portishead. Nellie is falling through the sky and Sam and Margot are trying to catch her. Back in reality, Margot gets ready for Sam’s arrival to sort her house out for Barry. She meets Joe, her agent, who wants to give her an acting part. Director Dixon advised her for a particular role, the only issue is she’s been out of the game for too long.

Sam arrives at the house to see if it is ready for Barry. He gives Margot the low down. He is extremely stressed and asks her to give Barry a normal environment and not lavish him with gifts. The assessor comes over and gives Margot advice over Barry and the type of engagement Sam can have. Barry is rebellious immediately, but Margot handles it okay, taking him to a screening for a film anniversary. At the end of the night, Margot listens to old voicemails from Nellie.

Episode 9 then moves to Annette who is in bed with her new partner Moses. It’s nearly her 50th birthday and she’s fretting over the potential attention. At breakfast, Leah tells the table that Annette is afraid people will ask her about Dante and his whereabouts. Leah is blatantly trying to make Annette feel guilty. The same day, Annette asks around about Dante as he’s apparently disappeared, and then breaks into “Long Way To Be Happy” by Darlene Love.

When she gets home she catches Leah and her friend Jasmine in a potential intimate position. Sam sees the film anniversary screening news and knows Margot took Barry to the event — he’s freaking out. Annette tells Sam about Leah and Jasmine and suspects they were intimate.

The situation heats up for Annette in Episode 9. When she goes to work she texts Leah who keeps lying to her. Annette finds her on a tracking application and finds out she is at Moses’. When Annette gets there, she believes Leah is secretly planning a 50th birthday party with Moses but finds out Dante is living there. Annette shows her disappointment in Leah, and Dante says that she left Leah and everyone else no choice but to lie behind her back.

It’s mash-up time for Soundtrack Track 9. Margot goes to Annette’s restaurant. Margot asks for help and insists that Annette speaks to Sam on her behalf. Sam wants to move Barry out of Margot’s house and into foster care. Margot states that she can give Barry a good life. When Annette resists her request, Margot threatens her, claiming she has very good lawyers that know everything about Annette’s family. The pair argue, discussing family ties and how there has always been tension. Margot wonders why Annette’s family has never accepted her. Annette agrees that she will try and talk to Sam.

Annette breaks into “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston, while Margot breaks into an alternate version. Both women imagine someone they have lost; Margot sees Nellie, while Annette sees Dante.

Moving on in Episode 9, Annette sees Sam get ready for her surprise 50th birthday party. Annette brings up Margot and says “trust in the love you both have for him”. In response to that, Sam asks Annette about Dante.

Meanwhile, Barry loses a tooth which surprises Margot. Sam video calls Barry and then asks to speak to Margot alone. He confirms he will not be asking for foster care but that his lawyers will be helping him get him back permanently. Margot says that she hopes Sam wins. Episode 9 was very much about family togetherness and kindness.

Soundtrack Season 1, Episode 9, “Track 9: Margot and Annette” closes with Annette asking the gang leader why they are looking for her son. The leader explains that Dante has caused a lot of problems and has wronged them. Annette threatens him and then breaks in to “Tell Him” by Lauryn Hill as she heads to her 50th. Moses apologizes for hiding Dante but Annette says, “don’t be, you kept him safe”. Dante tells Annette he is going to her party, and on the way, they are both jumped and brutally attacked by the gang.

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