Taxi Driver season 1, episode 13 recap – the tables have turned

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: May 23, 2021
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Taxi Driver season 1, episode 13 recap - the tables have turned


Things get difficult for Rainbow in Taxi Driver episode 13, as Baek turns the tables and some old faces return.

This recap of Taxi Driver season 1, episode 13 recap contains spoilers.

Usually, the Rainbow team are active, not reactive. Their planning is careful and meticulous; the revenge is comprehensive. There are hiccups, sure, but they’re usually pretty manageable, and things tend to turn out okay for the good guys. Taxi Driver episode 13 says never mind all that, delivering an urgent dose of drama that turns the tables and also pays off on the entire season by bringing all of the villains together for another showdown with Do-Ki.

Things begin with a handy bit of backstory for Chairman Baek, her past as a lounge singer and understudy of Chairman Jung-Hoon (Park Geun-Hyung), who is killed in a car crash that leaves her alive but blamed for the accident. This cracks a little window into Baek’s humanity, which it’s easy to forget since we’ve mostly seen her smugly playing warden in an underground prison full of (admittedly deserving) victims. That prison is quickly emptied, though, when the Goos show up and gas the place, knocking everyone out and taking them away, leaving Jin-Eon and Kyung-Koo behind as captives.

Things start to properly kick-off at the Bahamian Embassy, where Ha-Na tries to smoke out one of Baek’s accomplices and Do-Ki literally smokes out Goo Young-Tae. Beating the man down and taking him captive, Do-Ki has a bargaining chip to propose a trade with Baek, but the situation is complicated when the bus full of prisoners, all returning antagonists from previous episodes, is overrun Con Air style, with everyone gunning for revenge on Do-Ki. How the tables have turned!

Taxi Driver season 1, episode 13 slightly sidelines Do-Ki by having Ha-Na arrest him. Meanwhile, Go-Eun and Maria are taken captive by Jo Jong-Geun and Seung-Tae, upping the stakes a little. Of course, Do-Ki, with help from Ha-Na, is eventually able to get loose just in time for a great, novel climactic sequence during which he takes out a bunch of goons in the Rainbow HQ by plunging the place into pitch darkness and donning night-vision goggles. The whole thing is shot first-person, GoPro style from Do-Ki’s perspective, and it’s great. The episode ends with him looming over General Manager Lee.

Well, not quite. We’re treated to the usual epilogue in which it’s revealed that the truck that killed Chairman Jung-Hoon was actually being driven by the Goo twins, and was arranged by Baek herself for her own self-serving purposes. Her manic laughter as she comes to in the car, realizing the Chairman is dead, really establishes her as a nutcase villain that’ll take some contending with.

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