Soundtrack Recap: It’s Hard Being A Socialite

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 18, 2019 (Last updated: December 16, 2023)
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Netflix series Soundtrack Season 1, Episode 8 - Track 8: Gigi and Jean


Soundtrack Season 1, Episode 8, “Track 8: Gigi and Jean” gives the audience a glimpse into Gigi’s “socialite” lifestyle.

This recap of Netflix series Soundtrack Season 1, Episode 8, “Track 8: Gigi and Jean” contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Soundtrack Episode 8 gives the audience insight into Gigi (Megan Ferguson), Nellie’s close friend. In the last chapter, Gigi looks moved by the fact that Nellie will be moving out. Episode 8 opens up with Gigi getting ready for work. She breaks into “Butterfly By” by Heinz Kiessling. Her car won’t work so she walks through town and speaks to a few friends. When she reaches work she breaks into “It’s A Fine Life, Oliver” by Lionel Bart while sorting out the store.

The store is super quiet, and it is clear Gigi yearns to fulfill her life by being around people in higher places and knocking where the “click” is. Her boss talks to her about how the store is struggling financially and blames it on Troy — “the loss of Troy’s vibe”. Gigi freaks out when she sees a mouse, and finds a solution in getting rid of it.

The next day she rings her mother and learns that the family dog has died. In her next phone call, Gigi is denied a restaurant reservation as she continues to look after the shop. While women are in the changing room, she listens to them talk about their next social events and notes them down while giving them advice. Gigi’s life is quite odd; in the next scene, she meets a Jewish psychic and tells her she will be fine.

At night, she goes to a VIP restaurant after someone said they will help her in. Her friends do not turn up, so Gigi goes to the reception and says her name is Jean Dubrowski. While she’s struggling to get in, a man turns up to the desk and they partake in small talk — Gigi knows who this man is. a famous Chef named Pete Fairman. Pete adds Gigi (now called Jean) to the guest list. She stays at the social event all night drinking and waits for Fairman. She tells him her friends have stood her up. Pete asks for Gigi’s number.

The next day at the store, Gigi gets a phone call from Fairman’s assistant and seals a date. When Gigi heads to the date, she learns it’s in a kitchen watching Pete cook with his friends. Gigi likes the concept and watches Pete cook. The pair occasionally flirt and while he cooks she breaks into “But Alive” by Lauren Bacall.

At midnight, Gigi takes Pete to a random bar. They dance to “Blue Jean” by David Bowie”. After, while playing pool, they get to know each other. Pete delves into his restaurant spot in Cleveland is all about integrity and he is not sure if he can have the same in LA. The two finally kiss. Gigi wants to know what his “red flags” are, but he claims to have none. Gigi goes back home with him and they sleep together. Gigi breaks into “Poor Everybody Else” by Michele Lee.

The next morning in Soundtrack Track 8, Gigi cooks breakfast for Pete. He wants advice on the potential investment but then asks Gigi how she feels about Cleveland. I felt this was a hasty proposition. Pete reckons the two met for a reason. Gigi accepts his proposal and agrees to move to Cleveland with Pete. She’s in dreamland, and she doesn’t even care about the store anymore.

While out with Pete about to enter a nightclub, Troy approaches Gigi while she’s with Pete Fairman. Gigi pretends she does not know who he is, looking ashamed at even being engaged with him. Troy has a go at Gigi for letting him down and not showing up to the VIP social event the other night — the same night Gigi pretended her friends had bailed on her. Pete Fairman walks into the club and leaves Gigi behind.

When Pete walks back out, Gigi tries explaining herself, but Pete was dismayed at the lies; calling herself Jean and feeling like she had to ignore a friend in front of him. Pete did not like how she hurt her friends at the expense of feeling like she’s better than everyone else. He walks off. They are both done, for good.

Soundtrack Season 1, Episode 8, “Track 8: Gigi and Jean” ends with Gigi walking off upset and breaks into “Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries” by Doris Day. The next morning, she looks into a mirror and sees “Gigi” written on the mirror in red lipsticks. Gigi looks at herself and says, “make it work”.

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