Lost in Space Recap: It’s Time To Leave

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 24, 2019 (Last updated: November 14, 2023)
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Netflix Series Lost in Space Season 2, Episode 1 - Shipwrecked


Lost in Space Season 2, Episode 1, “Shipwrecked” starts off on a good footing, as the crew make a decision to find a way of getting off the planet.

This recap of Netflix Series Lost in Space Season 2, Episode 1, “Shipwrecked” contains significant spoilers.

Well, we are back folks — it’s time for Lost in Space Season 2. Let’s go.

Episode 1, “Shipwrecked” opens up with a flashback, showing the time the ship lost contact with the Robinsons — they see two aliens fighting in space.

It then flits to seven months later, Will (Maxwell Jenkins) gets up whimpering from his sleep — he misses the Robot. He heads out with his father and a bird’s-eye view shot shows they have set up a good base.

Meanwhile, Maureen asks the Robot to “wake up”. Penny calls for Maureen to come up — they’ve set up the base for Christmas. They all open the presents and Will reads out Penny’s memoir that has a soothing effect on everyone. Suddenly, there’s an oxygen breach and they attend to it quickly. Dr. Smith is still imprisoned and still not trusted, locked away but still expected to perform tasks.

In the evening John is happy, claiming it has been a good day. Maureen has a plan; suggesting that they recharge the batteries and jumpstart the Jupiter — “the winds are changing”. John seems resistant to the ideas but Maureen is worried about her kids not having a life. John says it is too dangerous. It seems John is still risk-averse.

Episode 1, “Shipwrecked” takes a turn for the worse suddenly. There’s another oxygen breach and this time it is bad — I suspect it was Dr. Smith. John is struggling to reseal the breach as everyone panics. Luckily, Don saves him but they’ve lost all the plants patch. John then makes the decision — “We are leaving” — and looks at Maureen and says, “Tell them your plan”. The crew gets to work to put Maureen’s plans together.

Maureen then briefs everyone after they put the initial plans together.

The crew kickstarts their plans to get the Jupiter up and running — the ship starts to sail on the sea. Dr. Smith sees something outside and tells Penny to tell her father to stop the ship — the ship suddenly hits something. Dr. Smith tells Maureen that she knew they were going to hit a reef and she believes she can be useful — apparently, Dr. Smith can sail. Maureen is having none of it and thinks of a plan to alleviate the pressure from the reef they’ve just hit.

At night, they work hard to keep the ship moving in a bad storm. Don is worried about the oxygen system breaking and Maureen is panicking about hitting another reef. Will nearly falls off the ship but John grabs him and injures himself. With Will and John in the med bay, Maureen is stressed and after a brief breakdown, she asks Dr. Smith for help.

Dr. Smith is now in action; she asks the crew to raise the sails to increase the speeds. In a moment that could have gone either way, Dr. Smith gets out a dagger, but she uses it to cut a rope to help Maureen who was trapped at the top of the ship. A wounded John is worried about the Chariot and asks Will to move it — “don’t overthink it”. The ship gets past the second reef and into safety.

Episode 1, “Shipwrecked” then shows the crew rejoicing happily after a period of danger. Don confirms that the oxygen system has been fixed. In a moment of clarity, Maureen sees burns on Dr. Smith’s hands; Dr. Smith plays mind games, claiming that she may have caused the oxygen breach but in doing so, ignited Maureen’s plans. Maureen shows little emotion in this exchange. A flashback shows Dr Smith looking at the plans.

On top of the ship, Maureen tells John that they will finally find a way of getting off this planet, but John is still concerned that they left a good habitat behind. The pair then see something in the distance — it’s a waterfall and it’s all panic stations again. All the crew strap in ready for the fall but the ship stops on the edge. At the bottom of the waterfall, they see metal flooring and Maureen states that somebody built this. The question is asked: who?

Lost in Space Season 2, Episode 1, “Shipwrecked” closes with the Robot carving drawings on a cave wall — it draws a sailing ship.

Space Logs

  • For Christmas, Will gets a key to a vehicle — “It’s time to learn to drive”.  He goes out practicing with his father.
  • Will has published Penny’s memoir called “Lost in Space”.
  • Will is still vlogging their experiences.
  • Penny is afraid she may have to save lives again. Judy reassures her that finding a better life will be a good thing.
  • Penny is seasick and Dr. Smith tells her to put an earplug in one ear — it helps with morning sickness.
  • Will tells his mother that he wants to look for the Robot — he believes he sees it in the sea but it turns out to be fluorescent jellyfish.
  • Maureen is worried that Penny is talking to Dr. Smith too much.

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