Is Lisa guilty in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2?

By Ricky Valero
Published: August 4, 2023
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Is Lisa guilty in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2

Is Lisa guilty in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2? We discuss the popular Netflix series and a key question in the story. 

Mickey Haller and his team had their hands full in the second season of the popular Netflix series, The Lincoln Lawyer. The series is based on Michael Connelly’s book series of the same name, with Season 2 based on his fourth book of the series, The Fifth Witness.

The second season centers around Lisa Trammel, a restaurant owner who ends up being charged with murder.

Through two seasons, we’ve seen Mickey Haller and company battle their way through so many things, including heading into the courtroom to take on the District Attorney not once but twice.

Who is Lisa in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2?

Lisa Trammel is a restaurant owner fighting off real estate moguls trying to take over her end of the town by building more highrises in the area. We meet her early in the season when she becomes a love interest of Mickey Haller when he is having dinner one night with Maggie at his restaurant.

Things quickly take a turn when she calls Mickey to say she has been arrested and hopes she will represent him.

What is Lisa accused of?

Lisa Trammel is accused of murdering real estate mogul Mitchell Bondurant. Bondurant was trying to purchase the land that Trammel’s restaurant was on. Trammel had protested Bondurant and his construction team several times, leading to him getting a restraining order against her.

As a result of her continued presence around Bondurant, it’s why she was one of the first suspects in his murder.

Is Lisa guilty in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2?

Honestly, this is such a loaded question. Is Lisa Trammel guilty of murdering Mitchell Bondurant? No. Of course, that is up to the grand Jury to decide, which we explain below, but Trammel had always been hiding something from her attorney.

After the verdict from the Jury, Mickey slowly started putting some pieces together that made him realize she didn’t want to sell the land on which her restaurant was because her ex-husband’s body was buried on it. So was she guilty of murdering Mitchell Bondurant? No, but she was guilty of murdering her ex-husband.

What was the grand Jury’s final verdict?

So after District Attorney Andrea Freeman presented her case, including the murder weapon being found at Lisa Trammel’s house, Freeman’s closing arguments seemed to prove that Trammel was guilty. On the defense side, Mickey Haller had done an excellent job opposing everything the DA had thrown at him. On top of that, he used some great lawyer tactics to shift the focus from Trammel to Alex Grant as the potential murderer.

After the defense rest, Haller went outside to talk to Trammel to discuss what the future could look like on either side of the case. However, Lorna came out to tell Haller that the Jury had already returned with a verdict. Typically a fast verdict isn’t a great sign for the defense.

When Haller and Trammel went back inside, the Jury had found Trammel NOT GUILTY on the charges of murdering Mitchell Bondurant.

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