Who is Alex Grant in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2?

By Ricky Valero
Published: August 4, 2023
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Who is Alex Grant in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2

Who is Alex Grant in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2? We discuss the key plot point in the popular Netflix series.

The Lincoln Lawyer is based on Michael Connelly’s book series of the same name starring Manuel Garcia Rulfo, Becki Newton, and Neve Campbell. The second season of the Netflix series was based on The Fifth Witness, Connelly’s fourth book of the series. 

Mickey Haller and his team’s number one goal in season two was to prove that his client Lisa Trammel was innocent in the case that she murdered real estate mogul Mitchell Bondurant.

Like any good attorney, Haller has his team dig into Bondurant’s past dealings to see if he can find anyone with any connection to him.

This is where Alex Grant comes into the equation. Below, we share all the details about Grant, including why he was important to the case, who played Grant, and where you might have seen him before in other roles.

Who is Alex Grant in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2, and why is he important?

Alex Grant is a businessman whose name pops up in an email to Mitchell Bondurant. He was threatening Bondurant because Grant owned a construction company that was hired by Bondurant for one of his properties and was bleeding money.

After Haller and his team find the email, he sends Cisco to dig into Alex Grant’s past and find out where he is because the threatening email could help Haller in the case against Lisa Trammel by opening the idea that someone else could’ve done it.

Who plays Alex Grant?

Michael A. Goorjian plays Alex Grant in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2.

What does Alex Grant do in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2?

Mickey Haller’s case depends on them being able to claim reasonable doubt that anyone else could’ve murdered Mitchell Bondurant. The problem was they couldn’t find Alex Grant. So, Lorna does some digging and finds out that he likes rare art, and they set up a fake gallery it gives them a chance to slap him with a subpoena for him to appear in court.

After someone leaves a letter on his doorstep, Mickey discovers an FBI target letter on Alex Grant. So when Haller gets Grant on the stand, he grills him about his connections to the Armenian mob (as his father and uncle are part of it). As Haller dissects Grant on the stand, he ends up pushing him to the point where he ends up pleading the fifth. As a result, Haller was able to put doubt in the jury’s minds and potentially introduce a new suspect.

What else is Michael A. Goorjian known for?

Michael A. Goorjian has been acting for a little over thirty years, with his first performance coming in the short film Shelf Life in 1991. He broke out in 1994 when he won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Special for his role in the TV film David’s Mother, where he played David Goodson.

You’ve seen him in movies such as SLC Punk!, Amerikatsi, and TV series like Lie to Me and House. A small fun fact, while Goorjian doesn’t share any scenes with Neve Campbell, this is his second time working with her, as he was her love interest in the series Party of Five. 

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