Lost in Space Recap: Finding A Conductor

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 24, 2019 (Last updated: November 14, 2023)
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Netflix Series Lost in Space Season 2, Episode 2 - Precipice


Lost in Space Season 2, Episode 2, “Precipice” continues to up the stakes, as the Robinsons have to find creative ways to get their ship into orbit.

This recap of Netflix Series Lost in Space Season 2, Episode 2, “Precipice” contains significant spoilers.

It’s straight to the action in Episode 2, “Precipice”. Maureen (Molly Parker) announces that they are sticking to the plan and encourages everyone to remember their assignments despite being on the edge of a waterfall. Will questions why her mother is not bothered about the metal base at the bottom of the waterfall. June is irked by not being given a job.

Everyone gets to work.

Will asks June what she is doing and she replies, “just getting out of the way”. She expresses how she wants to be appreciated for getting them through the storm. To get under Will’s skin, she brings up her connection to the Robot.

While Don is working on the outside, something that looks like seaweed attaches to his leg and he collapses. This encourages panic and while they try to help him, the metal kite flies away. Maureen and Penny fall down the waterfall, and they both somehow land on the metal base without injury.

Maureen inspects the area and John wonders how he can find a way to get down there, while Don is sent to the med bay to get treatment. Maureen tasks John to grab the kite that is now in the air but attached to the ship structure. As John tries to grab the kite, the structure collapses and nearly hits Maureen and Penny — the kite flies away. The family declares that “we’ll figure something out”.

At the midway point of Episode 2, “Precipice”, Don is going into shock and unfortunately needs June’s blood to survive. Will thinks of a new plan; to put the Chariot down the waterfall and catch the lightning — it will act as conductive metal. John has a problem though — the Chariot is underwater in the garage. John needs Judy’s help to wedge open the garage by using plasma guns, and in doing so risks his own life by briefly entering the garage to release the vehicle. The Chariot heads down the waterfall, but it stops before it reaches the bottom — another problem to solve.

Dr. Smith tells Don that they are like “two peas in a pod”, berating the man while giving him blood. Don tells her she is going straight to jail once back in civilization. She highlights how Don initially tried to steal the Jupiter and that she expects Don to cooperate.

Nearing the end of a dramatic Episode 2, Penny and Maureen create a makeshift ladder to get to the Chariot. Meanwhile, Don tells Dr. Smith that the Robinsons will never accept her as they are a family that always stick together. Penny and Maureen enter the Chariot, desperate for the doors to close before the lightning hits them. Maureen admits to Penny to never reading her book, in a moment where she fears for both of their lives. The lightning hits and the ship’s electricity returns. John checks to see if Maureen and Penny are okay — they are alive. The family is relieved.

Throughout Episode 2, “Precipice” Will keeps on hearing noises. We finally found out what it was — a robot hand starts moving towards the family. They notice that the markings are the same as the Robot. Whoever made the robots created the metal base that they haven’t investigated yet; Maureen fears they are in danger prompting John to prep for orbit. Will tells Penny that he is going to find the Robot

Lost in Space Season 2, Episode 2, “Precipice” closes with the ship reaching orbit. Maureen identifies an audio signature — it’s the Resolute. She is confident they can navigate to it. Dr. Smith overhears the conversation and slyly puts the deadly seaweed in one of Penny’s books; she knows returning to civilization will not be good for her.

Space Logs

  • Penny wonders if she always gets the rubbish jobs from her mother. While stuck on the metal base, Penny insists that her mother would have preferred her other children to help in dangerous situations.
  • John asks Will if he is thinking about the Robot.
  • Dr. Smith tells Penny that she’s read her book — further manipulation by the character.

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