Truth Be Told Recap: I Love You, Do Not Write Back

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 3, 2020 (Last updated: December 4, 2023)
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Apple TV+ series Truth Be Told Season 1, Episode 7 - Live Thru This


Truth Be Told Season 1, Episode 7, “Live Thru This” continues the “whodunnit” investigation but it feels overplotted and repetitive at this stage.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Truth Be Told Season 1, Episode 7, “Live Thru This” contains significant spoilers.

The “whodunnit” journey continues for Poppy (Octavia Spencer) in Episode 7, “Live Thru This”. I’m still unsure of this series. Poppy tends to just aim accusations to build a story and it makes the narrative feel rather overplotted.

At the start of Episode 7, Warren is given a shank by one of the guards in prison; he’s told to await orders from Kuvney. Poppy interviews Warren and tells him she translated the diary. Poppy believes that Erin killed Chuck to protect her daughter and coached Lanie into identifying Warren.

When Poppy leaves, Warren opens up a letter from Lanie; flashbacks reveal them both as teenagers, rolling around in the woods and kissing each other. In the letter, she tells Warren that she loves him but not to write back. Meanwhile, Josie blindfolds Lanie and shows her an old spot where they used to hang out. Josie thanks Lanie for her support. Josie suddenly remembers something involving her mother.

Marcus then gives Poppy some more crucial information. She says that Erin was out of rehab the night Chuck was murdered but Erin claims she was passed out — that was her alibi. Poppy now has her sights solely on Erin.

Poppy looks into Erin’s rehab — her sober coach reveals Erin was stone-cold sober when she left. So why did she lie to the police? Warren is threatened by Kuvney in prison, so Warren stabs him with a shank and walks off hyperventilating and crying.

Poppy continues her intrusive ways in Episode 7; she visits Lanie’s husband and walks to talk to him as an outsider — she wants to fill in the gaps. Lanie’s husband reveals that they had to bail out Erin because she broke into her old home. Back in prison, one of the prisoners asks Warren where Kuvney is. Warren makes a call to someone asking them to visit before it is too late.

Poppy visits Erin’s old house and asks the owners if they have had anything stolen. The producer of the podcast believes Erin was looking for the murder weapon. Meanwhile, Erin receives a call from Tim (who now owns the home) and tells her he has found what she was looking for. Tim asks Erin for cash and tells her the item is a knife — Erin laughs and walks away. Poppy now knows that Erin was not looking for a knife.

At the midway point of Episode 7, “Live Thru This”, Lanie visits Warren in prison. He tells her is going to die. Warren shows Lanie the letter and asks her if it was true that she loved him. He starts reading out parts of the letter — “If you live through this with me I swear I would die for you”. Lanie places her hand on the glass and Warren does the same. Warren tells Lanie that she should have him about her abusive father — “I would have killed him myself // you’re still the only girl I have ever kissed”. Lanie responds, “You are still the only boy I have ever loved”. Warren asks the obvious question — why did she lie to the police? Lanie walks away and cries in the car.

Josie brings Erin water in bed — Erin claims she was trying to protect her daughters. Flashbacks show Erin throwing letters into the fire. Josie asks Erin to stay because she’s tired of leaving people in her life — “None of us ever left that hallway where Dad died”.

Erin visits Melanie who serves her wine. Erin raises how Melanie slept with her husband. Melanie admits that cancer has forced her to look at everything about herself but Erin feels it is a weak apology. Poppy suddenly turns up and Melanie shouts at Erin, demanding the truth. Poppy asks Erin about Chuck abusing Lanie and that her alibi is blown due to the investigation of her rehab. Poppy tells Erin she knows she did it and wants to help her. Erin agrees to do the interview. Meanwhile, Warren is confronted by an inmate about Kuvney’s death. Warren spits in a guard’s face so he is whisked away before he is hurt.

Erin calls Lanie about Poppy and asks where she is. Lanie heads over. Meanwhile, Poppy starts recording her podcast and talks about a parent protecting a child — “Safety is an all-consuming concern // was Erin justified in killing her husband?”. Erin asks Lanie if they can do the interview with Poppy together. Lanie agrees and hands her mother some painkillers.

Poppy rushes to Lanie’s house in a panic. She sees that Lanie’s daughter is wearing a mask and she asks her where it is from — Poppy looks very concerned. Truth Be Told Season 1, Episode 7, “Live Thru This” closes with Lanie helping Erin to bed. Erin asks Lanie what pills she gave to her. As Lanie looks at her, a single tear leaves Erin’s eyes.

Additional Evidence

  • Poppy meets her father at her mother’s grave. Father reveals he has CTE.
  • Ingram is looking into Poppy’s childhood

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