Sex Education season 2, episode 5 recap – complicated decisions to make

January 17, 2020
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Sex Education Season 2, Episode 5 finds the characters with plenty of difficult decisions to make as their lives become more complicated.

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Sex Education Season 2, Episode 5 finds the characters with plenty of difficult decisions to make as their lives become more complicated.

This recap of Netflix Series Sex Education Season 2, Episode 5 contains significant spoilers.

Episode 5 deepens the complications further, with problems coming to the surface as the second season approaches the finale. It opens up with Ola explaining a comic to Otis; as they kiss, Otis turns into Lily — it was a sex dream.

Episode 5 splits the characters up widely for once; Otis, Eric and Remi head out to camping, Maeve is joining her mother to the NA (Narcotics Anonymous) session for family and friends, Vivienne heads over to Jackson’s place for advice over Dex and Jean is slowly getting irritable with Jakob.

In terms of Vivienne; she’s desperate to make Dex her boyfriend so Jackson suggests heading to the game store where he works. At the store, Jackson tries everything to make Dex jealous and it ends up with Vivienne giving Dex her number — success.

At the NA session, Maeve’s mother Cynthia tells the group she has been clean for 13 months; she admits to a hard life and asks Maeve for forgiveness — Maeve walks out. On the way out, Maeve bumps into Isaac who asks for help — he trains elderly people to dance.

While Jean is delivering a class on vagina pleasure points, Mrs. Groff asks for advice. In the background, Jakob continues to make the pan shelf. Jean leaves the session and screams at Jakob. He proves that the current pan shelf does not fit but she is clearly irritated — “You are everywhere”. Jakob raises the fact that they are in a relationship and Jean admits to kissing Remi. Jakob finishes the shelf and heads off. I wonder if this is the end of their relationship.

At the camp trip, Remi asks Otis about Maeve; Otis tries to describe the complication — that Ola has expressed that he has to leave Maeve alone in order for the two to work. His father gives him advice. Meanwhile, Ola asks about her sex dream to Adam who is very casual about the subject stating that dreams are not real. Ola uses an app to answer a few questions about herself and it tells her she is pansexual.

Maeve asks Isaac how he learned how to dance and he speaks about his brief introduction to dancing with his foster family. Isaac asks Maeve about her mother and she gets a little shirty about it but Isaac seems to understand how to make Maeve smile. Maeve returns home to her sobbing mother — she admits she cannot take her bad choices back. Maeve sits next to her and helps paint her nails.

A storm hits the camping expedition and Remi gets mad with the tent. Otis suggests they get a hotel. At the hotel, Otis asks Eric why he’s ignoring Rahim. Eric opens up and tells Otis about Adam. Adam is confused, stating that Adam is a horrible person so Eric calls Otis out over Maeve, how he is clearly in love with her. The pair argue. Otis checks on his father — Delilah, his partner, has left him for someone else. He cries. Delilah rings Jean and asks where Remi is — she explains she couldn’t change him either.

Meanwhile, Ola has another sex dream; she heads to Lily’s house and kisses her on the doorstep. Then it changes to their school. Ola asks where Otis is but Lily reassures her that she’s safe and that Otis is with Maeve.

Otis is about to text Maeve saying he is confused but then sees his father with the reception lady leaving the room. At that moment, Otis knows his father cheated again and Delilah did not leave him for no reason. Otis apologizes to Eric about what he said and tells him he genuinely believed his father returned to see him. Jean comes to pick them up and gives Otis a hug. Otis texts Maeve saying he cannot see her anymore. Eric sees Adam outside the car window and Adam ignores him, proving that Otis was right.

It’s clear that Otis is only texting Maeve telling her to stay away from him is because he does not want to be like his father. Maeve is gutted; as she receives a new gas canister from Isaac she receives the text from Otis and looks devastated.

Nearing the end, Remi admits to Jean that he’s a sex addict and that he wants to be a good father. Otis tells Ola that he loves her but she laughs, disputing that idea and explains that they got it wrong and that they should be friends. Ola breaks up with him. Eric tries to speak to Rahim and apologizes; he asks Rahim to be his boyfriend and they agree to make it official.

Sex Education Season 2, Episode 5 ends with Ola rushing to Lily’s house — she kisses her at the doorstep. “That’s what it’s supposed to feel like”. Lily says she has to do homework and closes the door. At night, Eric hears a thud at his bedroom window — it’s Adam. Eric ignores him.

As we reach the closing stages, it is not clear how all this is going to end.

Index Cards

  • Otis struggles to relax at camping.
  • Aimee heads out to meet Steve. She hits out on him when they hook up. He tries talking to her about what happened on the bus.
  • Mrs. Groff tries a vibrator in the bathroom. Afterward, she asks Mr. Groff for a divorce.
  • Mrs. Groff tells Adam that she’s divorcing his father. Later he listens to them argue.
  • Vivienne tells Jackson that she never goes for girls like her. He tells her he really liked Maeve and that he isn’t what she makes him out to be.
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