End of the Road for Otis and Ruby? ‘Sex Education’ Season 4 Relationship Explained

By Lori Meek
Published: September 22, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Do Otis and Ruby end up together in Sex Education Season 4
Otis (L) and Ruby (R) in Sex Education (Credit - Netflix)


Otis (Asa Butterfield), Sex Education’s protagonist, spends most of the series pining after Maeve, the beautiful, clever, but troubled bad girl who helped him get his sex advice clinic off the ground. Yet Maeve (Emma Mackey) wasn’t Otis’s only love interest.  Otis broke several hearts throughout the show’s four seasons. One of the unlucky ladies to get between Otis and Maeve was Moordale’s Secondary Queen Bee, Ruby (Mimi Keene). 

Otis and Ruby’s relationship journey so far in Sex Education

Ruby was part of Moordale Secondary’s popular crew. In season 1, she didn’t pay much attention to Otis. She would casually throw mean remarks at Maeve, yet she did ask for the pair’s help when a very intimate picture of her almost entered the public domain.

Things changed a little in season 2 when a very intoxicated Otis lost his virginity to Ruby on the night he held a party at his house. That was the same night Otis drunkenly made a fool of himself and spouted a slew of abusive remarks at poor Maeve.

As neither Ruby nor Otis could remember if they used protection, the pair spent some time getting the morning-after pill. During that day, Otis found that underneath Ruby’s tough exterior, she’s a vulnerable young woman overwhelmed by her family’s financial issues and her beloved dad’s chronic illness.

Things get spicy in season 3 when Otis and Ruby start engaging in secret casual sex. At first, Ruby wants to keep their liaison a secret out of fear of being judged by her friends. Eventually, she allows Otis to take her on a date and becomes his official girlfriend. 

But things get messy after Otis fails to say “I love you” back to her. He was the first person she invited to her house and introduced to her dad. So Otis’s rejection devastated poor Ruby. The two broke up shortly after, leaving Otis free to pursue Maeve.

Otis (L) and Ruby (R) in Sex Education (Credit – Netflix)

Do Otis and Ruby end up together in Sex Education Season 4?

In season 4, Otis and Ruby make some progress towards mending their friendship, but they don’t end the series as a couple. By the end of the season, Ruby doesn’t want to be Otis’s friend, let alone his girlfriend. In season 4, Ruby is the only one of her friends’ group attending Cavendish. Not only is she alone at a new school, but the college’s student-led culture of kindness and tolerance baffles her. 

Ruby starts spending time with Otis after she offers to help him win the student sex therapist election against Cavendish’s resident unlicensed counselor, O (Thaddea Graham). While confused, Otis accepts Ruby’s aid, and the two spend more time together. She helps him record a campaign video and tells him about her messy history with O. Ruby wants to get back at O for bullying her when the two were in primary school together. 

Do Otis and Ruby have sex?

Ruby and Otis spend the night together, but nothing sexual happens. They were hanging out and fell asleep while watching reality TV together. Of course, Otis was anxious about the incident ruining his chances with his true love, Maeve.

After Maeve’s return from the U.S. due to her mother’s overdose and subsequent death, Otis completely ghosts Ruby and forgets about their campaign. Ruby is hurt but tries to be understanding, given Maeve’s bereavement. 

The final nail in the coffin happens when Otis goes to see Ruby under the pretense of discussing his campaign. He wants to ensure Ruby knows her place, as he wouldn’t want her ruining his budding romance with Maeve. 

At this point, Ruby is tired of Otis’s constant disregard for her. So she finds another kid named Connor to support the role of student sex therapist. 

In the finale, when Cal goes missing and Cavendish students form a search party, Ruby and Otis work together but are not exactly on speaking terms. 

Later that night, at the fundraising party, Ruby intervenes on stage for O and gives a speech showing she’s forgiven her former bully. 

However, when Otis approaches Ruby and asks if they can be friends again, she informs him that she already has enough friends. 

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