The Resort season 1, episode 7 recap – in the jungle, the mighty jungle

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 25, 2022
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Nothing unexpected occurs in the penultimate episode, but there are some heartbreaking scenes, such as when Emma discusses the loss of her daughter. Overall, the episode has enough to keep audiences excited for the season finale.

This recap of the Peacock series The Resort season 1, episode 7 contains spoilers.

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The Resort season 1, episode 7 recap 

In present-day Rio Lagartos, Noah wakes up alone. He searches for Emma and asks Luna if she has seen her, whilst Baltasar wakes up on a golf course. Afterward, Baltasar tries to find Emma and the book in her hotel room; but Luna tells him that Sam and Violet are dead and that he must move on. But Baltasar and Luna’s argument stops when Violet’s father, Murray, enters the room and reveals Emma contacted him. 

A flashback to the day before, The Resort shows us Emma calling Murray; she tells him that she’s going to the underground room. Here we learn that Emma fell in love with the idea of Sam and Violet, and they represent true love; it allowed her to forget about the lows in life. In 2007, Sam and Violet camp out (in the spot that Emma studies in 2022), and Violet questions whether Sam wants to go back. 

Meanwhile, as Emma travels through the jungle, Noah tries to follow her trail. Both Emma and Noah spot a helicopter flying, and it leads them straight to each other, and out from that helicopter steps Baltasar, Luna, and Murray, as well as Ted and TedEmma tells Noah that he can’t stop her, and if she finds the underground room, she’s going straight in. It causes an argument; Emma says their marriage is a problem, and Noah questions whether Emma even likes him anymore. And after the gang takes a photo with the helicopter, Emma, Noah, Baltasar, Murray, and Luna set up camp in the jungle. 

The ending

Whilst around the campfire, Noah reveals that if he could travel anywhere, he would travel to a year in the future. Why? So he could see where he and Emma are, as for the first time in his life, he is unable to predict where they’ll end up. Murray tells Emma that his wife died of cancer, which meant that he went from husband to carer. In return, Emma tells Murray that she refuses to be defined by her loss and adds that she never got to see her daughter’s face. So if the underground room is real, Emma hopes that she will be able to see her daughter’s face; and adds that maybe Murray will get to see Violet again. But Murray says “bullshit” and tells Emma that she doesn’t get to say that. 

When Noah tries to apologize to Emma, she has a major reaction that could result in an infection in the brain. Luna runs for help, but she just isn’t fast enough. So, she tells Noah to pull out her infected tooth, which he does. Although he then faints. Shortly afterward, Murray spots some pink fungi. Murray whistles to the gang; he has found the underground room.

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