The Resort season 1, episode 8 recap – the finale and ending explained

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 1, 2022
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More emotional than expected, but what a finale it is. Blending all kinds of emotions, The Resort concludes on a great high. Based on the finale alone, The Resort proves to be a show worth watching.

This recap of the Peacock series The Resort season 1, episode 8 — the finale and ending explained — contains spoilers.

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The Resort season 1, episode 8 recap – the finale and ending explained

As Sam snoring wakes Violet up, she tries to shut him up but fails. With Sam still asleep, she climbs down to Pasaje, as do Baltasar, Emma, Noah, and Murray in 2022. But they come across an obstacle, a pool of water. Although, in a matter of seconds, they find some rope that leads them to a boat. And as Baltasar says, that’s very convenient. Does it lead them to Pasaje? Possibly.

Murray doesn’t know what they expect to find, but then Baltasar finds a tunnel, as does Emma. Emma and Noah go into one tunnel, which, as Emma says, is “warm”. In 2002, as the hurricane starts to happen, Sam wakes up and finds Violet missing. As Baltasar and Murray search through Pasaje, Murray details all the efforts he went through to try and locate Violet. And whilst Murray gave up at one point, he found the strength to carry on looking. As they carry on chatting, they walk into a snake’s nest; and the snake, which has four noses, soon wraps itself around Baltasar. However, Baltasar stares the snake down, and it seems that the snake decides not to attack Baltasar.

In 2002, Sam swims down to Violet, and he asks why she ditched him. Violet, however, claims she left a note in his shoe. But they have bigger problems as the water starts to rise rapidly. Meanwhile, Emma and Noah stumble into a bat cave before walking into a dead end. Oh hell, maybe not; they find Violet’s flashlight. Emma climbs onto Noah’s shoulders and climbs into a tunnel. As Emma climbs into the tunnel, The Resort cuts to Sam and Violet as they scream for help as the water continues to rise. 

The ending

Noah is unable to jump high enough to get through the tunnel. Therefore, he tells Emma to keep talking to him so he knows that she’s ok. As the tunnel gets smaller, Emma sees the other side. But she gets stuck. Cutting back to 2002, and the water rises above Sam and Violet’s heads. As Emma attempts to breathe whilst in the tunnel, she has a flashback to giving birth and is able to break through the tunnel. And as she breaks the tunnel, it seems that she makes an exit for Sam and Violet. Will they be saved? It doesn’t look like it, as seconds later Emma stumbles across their bodies floating in the water.

But they’re not dead! Emma reaches into the magic water, drags them out, and they’re very much alive. Unaware that his daughter has been found alive, Murray chats with Baltasar. Their conversation stops, however, when Violet and Sam come wandering out of the cave. The scene where he reunites with Violet is hard not to bring a tear to your eye. When Sam sees Baltasar, Sam asks, “what the f**k is happening”. The six of them climb out of Pasaje, but Sam can still not believe that he has time traveled. Sam asks for a cellphone as he wants to call his parents, but he struggles to use Noah’s phone as it’s too advanced for him. 

Emma asks Violet if it was worth it, but Violet tells her that it still hurts. Sam says that when he got through to his parents, they put the call down on him as they thought it was a prank call. Noah asks Emma why she didn’t get in the water, but Emma reveals that she didn’t want to lose 15 years. Shortly afterwards, a helicopter arrives to pick them up. 

Baltasar and Luna have lunch over a waterfall now that “everyone is reunited”. As they drink, Baltasar asks if Luna isn’t interested just for 30 seconds to see what happens in Pasaje. But no, she’s too old to be curious. And that’s the end of the final episode of the first season of The Resort! Is it everything you expected? Whilst Sam and Violet turned up alive and well, as I predicted, I’m shocked that Alex also wasn’t in Pasaje. But I can’t get every prediction right. All in all, this was a great finale, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.

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