Sex Education season 2, episode 6 recap – how to handle a breakup and influence people

January 17, 2020
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Sex Education Season 2, Episode 6 deals with the aftermath of Ola breaking up with Otis, which means partying, hard partying.

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Sex Education Season 2, Episode 6 deals with the aftermath of Ola breaking up with Otis, which means partying, hard partying.

This recap of Netflix Series Sex Education Season 2, Episode 6 contains significant spoilers.

Sex Education Season 2, Episode 6 is peak Otis and by that I mean this is not an Otis anyone can really handle. Let’s recap.

Episode 6 opens up with Anwar and Nick hooking up and then they decide to have sex. Nick brings up cleanliness before having a**l sex; Anwar sneaks into the bathroom and asks his friend to pretend to call him with urgency so he can leave.

Otis is fuming over the breakup with Ola; he cannot believe she called him uptight and wants to prove her wrong by hosting a gathering. Meanwhile, at school, Lily ignores Ola after their kiss on the doorstep.

Eric has taken the gathering literally and is inviting everyone at school to make it into a party. Anwar asks Otis how to douche, but he is unsure, so Rahim offers to explain how to douche.

Ola speaks to Jean about the breakup with her father and also reveals that she and Otis broke up. Meanwhile, Rahim breaks down the douching progress. Otis sees his mother and Ola hug it out and he investigates. While investigating, his mother walks into her office and he sneaks her notebook behind his book. Otis asks her mother to stay out of the house that night as he has a gathering. Mr. Groff sees Otis putting the notebook in his locker.

The gathering/party starts and loads of people turn up. Isaac asks Maeve if he can join the party. When they arrive, Isaac senses tension between Jackson and Maeve. Otis is struggling to manage the party and has a go at Eric, but Eric reminds Otis that the whole point of the party was to show Ola that he is “chill”. Otis gets immediately jealous of Maeve and Isaac as soon as he sees them. Otis asks Ola to come over to pick up her stuff and then tries to act all cool in front of her but it does not work. While Anwar asks for Otis’s advice on douching, he throws up in a cup and proceeds to get another drink.

It’s safe to say that Otis has lost his head.

Ola sees Lily at the party and asks why she is avoiding her. Lily says they cannot be friends anymore. Meanwhile, Jackson is freaking out over the pressure of swimming again. He heads to one of the rooms at the party and as he is about to punch a mirror to injure himself, Vivienne catches him. Jackson explains that he hurt himself — “This f–king pressure”. She hugs him from behind and reassures him. She insists that he gets professional help and raises the statistics of suicide. Jackson is annoyed and calls her a robot.

Otis is going wild at the party, like seriously wild. Isaac asks Maeve if Otis’s dancing is helping her get over him. Eric tries to stop Otis from drinking but he shrugs him off and heads over to Jackson; Otis asks Jackson why he hates him — Jackson explains how Maeve left him for Otis and yet he still isn’t with her. Otis then heads over to Maeve claiming he’s only talking to Isaac.


Adam turns up to the party and sees Eric and Rahim and quickly departs. Eric goes to talk to Adam. Eric raises how Adam bullied him for years and that he was one of the core reasons he did not love himself — he wants to keep loving himself. Adam blurts how he thinks he is bisexual — “I feel like everyone hates me”.

Otis reaches peaking point in Sex Education Season 2, Episode 6 and stops the music at the party — he announces to the entire room in front of Maeve and Ola about the entire situation; the love triangle. He explains what happened and why he stayed with Ola when he really wanted Maeve. Otis accuses Maeve of playing with his feelings and calls her out for being selfish — “I think I deserve a whole lot more”. Maeve calls Otis an a–hole and exits the party.

After advice from Rahim, Anwar tells Nick that he does want to have sex with him but he’s never had it before and he does not know how to douche. Outside, Ola gets angry at a tree and Adam asks if she wants to smash up some stuff.

So while Adam and Ola smash random objects, Otis’s party goes out of control. Maeve helps Isaac into his house and she asks him how he really ended up in a wheelchair. Isaac explains how he tried to prove to his brother that he was braver and fell off the top of a tree. In return, Maeve shows Isaac her scars from when she was eight when she tried to make beans and toast. Isaac then explains how Otis would not understand any of this, that he’s different but he and Maeve are special. Maeve returns home to her mother, but it is quite clear a new love triangle has formed.

When Jackson returns home from the party Vivienne is in the living room with his parents — she’s told them. Mrs. Groff returns home from her night out with Jean and her husband asks for her back and she declines. Jean returns home drunk to a trashed house — she heads upstairs to see Otis naked in bed with another girl.

Sex Education Season 2, Episode 6 closes with Mr. Groff going to extreme lengths to find out what his ex-wife Maureen said to Jean in their sessions together. He takes Jean’s notebook out of Otis’s locker and makes copies of the notes.

Index Cards

  • Remi’s agent rings Jean about the potential of the two writing together.
  • Jackson reveals he cannot do rehearsals due to training.
  • Rahim heads to Eric’s house and introduces himself.
  • Jean goes out for drinks with Mrs. Groff. They talk about their exes and sex and go dancing. Mrs. Groff says she feels free. Jean says she misses Jakob.
  • At the party Aimee freaks out — she sees the attacker from the bus in her head.
  • The quiz team feels guilty about kicking out Maeve. One of the team members gets food poisoning so asks for her back in the team. In the quiz semi-final Maeve gives the winning answer to take them to the final.
  • Maeve asks her mother if she can come to the quiz final.
  • Anwar and Nick finally have sex at the end of the episode.
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