Sex Education Season 4 Episode 2 Recap – Why Does Otis Accept Ruby’s Help With The Election?

By Lori Meek
Published: September 21, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Sex Education Season 4 Episode 2 Recap
Sex Education Season 4 (Credit - Netflix)




Jean and Otis have a new houseguest. At Cavendish, Otis gets some unexpected help from Ruby to get his sex clinic off the ground, while Eric is dealing with a crisis of faith.

Jean (Gillian Anderson) and Otis (Asa Butterfield) have a new houseguest. At Cavendish, Otis gets some unexpected help from Ruby (Mimi Keene) to get his sex clinic off the ground while Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) is dealing with a crisis of faith. In America, Maeve (Emma Mackey) is getting harsh feedback on her writing. There are plenty of major moments in Sex Education season 4, episode 2 – I’ve broken them down for you.

Episode 2 starts with Jackson on the receiving end of a handjob. To avoid carpal tunnel, the girl speeds things up by introducing a finger up his bum. To Jackson’s surprise, he likes it.

Who did Otis call?

A worried Otis called his aunt Joanna in the previous episode. Despite being completely overwhelmed by the baby, Jean is not happy to see her sister.

Desperate to fit into her new school, Ruby wears the rainbow colors and tries reconnecting with O. The two were in primary school together. Oddly, O pretends not to remember her.

Adam’s new job

Adam starts his apprenticeship at the farm. To his surprise, the job involves teaching children how to ride horses. And Adam has never been on a horse. Michael is trying to reconnect with his family, and Maureen and Adam agree to have him over for dinner. The meal goes as badly as you can imagine as Michael starts criticizing Adam’s farm apprenticeship.

But Adam does agree to allow his dad to give him a driving lesson over the weekend. There might still be hope to mend their fractured relationship.

Otis, now calling himself “The Original Student Sex Therapist,” booked himself a new room and even has biscuits ready for potential clients.

How does Ruby help Otis?

While Otis’s clinic isn’t doing well, Ruby has an idea that might get other students interested; Abby and Roman had a fight, so if Otis can get their relationship back on track, it might help his reputation.

Jackson approaches Otis at the gym and talks about his finger-up-the-bum experience. We learn that Jackson is still somewhat pining for Cal.

Why is Eric conflicted about getting baptized?

Eric is stuck in a rut as his mother wants him to get baptized, but he’s not out at church. On the bright side, Eric is moving up the social ladder. Abbi invited him to join her and Aisha for yoga and to hang out after school. At his baptism class, Eric shares his concerns with his pastor, who encourages him to stay in the closet.

He does run into Abbi, who reveals she’s been struggling with her beliefs and hasn’t gone to her church since starting her transition.

Why is Tyrone not a threat to Otis’s relationship?

While on the phone with Maeve, Otis makes his jealousy about Tyrone clear. Not only is Tyrone gay, but Maeve doesn’t appreciate Otis’s show of insecurity.

Jackson’s casual sex session ends in the least sexy way possible. The girl he’s been sleeping with tells him she felt a lump on his t******e.

Abbi and Roman fighting

When Otis catches Roman at the gym, he gets to the bottom of why he and Abbi fought. Roman felt betrayed to wake up to Abbi masturbating on a night she said she wasn’t interested in having sex with him.

Of course, there’s more to the story. Abbi had to move in with Roman’s family after her parents kicked her out for being trans. Our Otis works his magic and seems to get the two lovebirds back on track.

As a side note, the students at this school are creepily invested in Abbi and Roman’s relationship. A group of them even organized a memorial service for the relationship.

Since Otis helped them resolve their relationship struggles, he’s now the most popular student sex therapist in school. Needless to say, O is not pleased.

Why are Otis and O holding an election?

Having two student sex therapists on campus is weird, so Otis and O decide to hold an election and let their fellow students decide who should give sex therapy in an election. To everyone’s surprise, Ruby offers to help Otis win this election.

Despite their rocky start, Aimee and Isaac seem to be hitting it off.

Adam admits to his boss that he lied about being good with horses, but she decides to keep him on the job.

With some encouragement from Jackson, Vivienne accepts Beau’s invitation to study together.

At Wallace, Maeve writes a chapter from the heart about the caravan park she grew up in after her tutor gave her awful feedback for her first attempt. Tyrone encourages her to show it to Thomas.

When she gets there, Thomas asks for Maeve’s feedback on one of his pieces, and she gives him her honest opinion. He may not have liked Maeve’s honesty too much.

Otis calls her, and the two have yet another argument. They decide to take a break from their relationship.

Why does Otis accept Ruby’s help with the election?

O made a very catchy music video trying to convince fellow Cavendish students to vote for her as their sex therapist. Left with no other choice, Otis calls Ruby and accepts her offer.

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