Sex Education Season 4 Episode 1 Recap – Why Didn’t Otis Reply to Maeve’s Photo?

By Lori Meek
Published: September 21, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Sex Education Season 4 Episode 1 Recap
Sex Education Season 4 (Credit - Netflix)




Season 4 kicks off with Maeve and Otis trying to make their long-distance relationship work. It doesn’t help that Otis is awful at sexting.

The season’s premiere finds Otis (Asa Butterfield) and Maeve (Emma Mackey) trying to make their long-distance relationship work. Jean (Gillian Anderson) is considering returning to work while the Mooredale Secondary students enter the bizarre new world of Cavendish Sixth Form College.

Season 4 kicks off with Maeve and Otis trying to make their long-distance relationship work. It doesn’t help that Otis is awful at sexting. Maeve sends him a nude, and when she asks for one back, Otis takes several photos of his p***s before deciding to send none.

Jean is exhausted from looking after baby Joy, yet she’s considering taking on a new job as a podcast host.

Jakob and Ola

When we last saw Jean, she read the DNA test results showing that Jakob was not the father of her baby. Both he and Ola have since moved out.

It’s Otis and Eric’s first day at their new school after Moordale Secondary got sold off last season. Otis wants to restart his sex therapy clinic.

The boys arrive at Cavendish College, and this new school is very much student-led. The most popular queer kids, known as the Coven, are friendly and consist of leader Ruby, her trans-masculine boyfriend Roman, and deaf tarot expert Aisha.

Poor Ruby is on her own as Anwar and Olivia have gone to a different college. She’s struggling to fit in at a school where popular kids are popular for being nice.

When Otis tries promoting his new clinic, he finds no one is interested in his paper pamphlets, as Cavendish is a paper-free school. Making matters worse, Otis’s rival for Maeve’s affections last season, Isaac, is also attending Cavendish.

Isaac and Aimee get stuck in the lift together and spend the most awkward few minutes known to television. Adam’s dad, Michael, got a job teaching at Cavendish. As for Adam, he chose not to go back to school after Moordale’s closure but is considering a career in farming.

How is Meave adjusting to the U.S.?

At Wallace, Maeve is working hard to impress her tutor, the famous author Thomas Molloy. While the Professor throws Maeve’s ringing phone out the window, he also remembers her application for the program. More importantly, she’s confused about Otis’s lack of reply to the nude she sent him.

Cal’s been taking testosterone, and they are suffering from a particularly awkward side effect; extreme horniness.

At her podcast job interview, poor Jean couldn’t find childcare, so she’s there with baby Joy. Despite the baby’s crying during the interview, the show producer hires her.

Who is O?

Otis’s sex advice clinic is off to a rocky start, especially after learning that Cavendish already has a student sex therapist. She calls herself O, and she’s pretty good at the “job.” When Otis sees O’s setup, he’s ready to take her apart. Instead, he ends up talking about his struggles with helping his mum and the new baby and even opens up about his sexting dilemma with Maeve.

Everything that could go wrong during Otis’s speech goes horribly wrong.

When he connects his phone to the school’s projector, he accidentally shows everyone pictures of his p***s. Oddly enough, Cal finds the sigh of Otis’s flaccid man parts exciting.

Why does Cal ask for Otis’s advice?

Despite the disastrous speech, Cal becomes Otis’s first client. Since starting the testosterone therapy, they’ve been constantly horny, and even the sight of Otis’s flaccid p***s on the school projector triggered them to have an instant orgasm.

Hilarious as it may be, Otis does give Cal some great advice and puts their mind at ease.

Who is Vivienne’s new love interest?

Vivienne, who has broken up with her boyfriend to focus on schoolwork, has a brand new love interest in fellow super nerd Beau. And Jackson is still somewhat romantically hung up on Cal.

At home, a confused yet excited Jean tells Otis about her new job. The two are stretched out thin as it is, so Otis is less than impressed with the news.

After Jean briefly forgets where she put baby Joy, Otis makes a phone call and tells whoever’s on the other side that he’s worried about his mum.

Michael visits his ex-wife and learns why his son didn’t tell him about dropping out of school; Adam is still scared of him.

In the U.S., Maeve arrives at her dorm to find a care package from Aimee. This is Aimee we’re talking about, so it includes a (huge) sex toy.

Why didn’t Otis reply to Maeve’s nude photo?

Otis finally calls Maeve after having ignored her all day. He admits to being scared of becoming too intimate with her as he’s unsure she’s going back to the U.K.

After she reassures him that she plans to return home at the end of her program, the two engage in phone sex.

The romantic moment doesn’t last long as Maeve tells Otis about her planned pizza date with her friend from class, Tyrone. Of course, Otis immediately checks Maeve’s university site and sees a photo of the very attractive Tyrone.

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