Rob Delaney: Jackie review – comedian excitedly shares his views on life and politics

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 17, 2020 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
Amazon Prime Special Rob Delaney: Jackie


Rob Delaney: Jackie is a hilarious addition to Amazon’s library of stand-ups as the comedian delves into his life in London and the disappearance of Jackie.

Amazon Prime Special Rob Delaney: Jackie was released on the platform on January 17, 2020. – watch now

Amazon Prime has released a new stand-up today alongside Russell Peters: Deported and I have to say, it’s hard to choose between them. It seems that the streaming platform is trying in earnest to split the stand-up audience from Netflix and I have to say, so far, they are doing rather well.

I wonder if Apple TV+ and Disney+ will follow — maybe a Forky special is on the horizon.

What I enjoy about Rob’s stand-up performance is that he is extremely excitable. He walks on stage and just runs his jokes and there’s a slight assumption that he finds himself funny. He clearly embraces his foreign life and he embellishes himself amongst the British audience. What I found more apparent is that the comedian did not feel foreign — he understands British values and it comes across in the reactions from the audience.

He gets off to a good start by lavishing praise on the NHS, saying if the organization was either a p***s or a vagina, he’d perform oral sex on it. He then drives hilarious comparisons to the private health sector-led USA.

Rob Delaney delves into his life in London; the joys and horrors that he has had endured during his time there. He brings up how he feels about being a father and the challenges that are faced during a dispute. Rob even discusses how he’s obsessed with mint tea, accidentally ordering a pallet of the product in an online delivery. The star and co-creator of Catastrophe delivers his jokes effortlessly and the audience drinks them in.

As he enters the later stages of his stand-up he discusses the disappearance of his friend Jackie, which seals the deal — this Amazon Prime stand-up is worth the wait. Add Rob Delaney: Jackie to your watch list as soon as possible, it won’t disappoint.

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