You Cannot Hide Season 1 Review – a twisty, binge-worthy thriller

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: January 24, 2020 (Last updated: December 5, 2023)
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You Cannot Hide (Netflix) review - a twisty, binge-worthy Spanish thriller


There’s lots going on in You Cannot Hide, but it’s a pacey, highly binge-able thriller that most people will find a reason to persevere with.

New on Netflix today, the pacey 10-episode thriller series You Cannot Hide might be the purest binge-watch candidate of the weekend. All the requisite elements are there — murder, terrorism, kidnapping, contract killing, and an eagerness to end each episode on a tantalizing cliffhanger that’ll keep Netflix’s auto-play feature busy. It might not be the best or most sophisticated thing on TV, but it hardly needs to be; this is the kind of one-more-episode stuff that streaming platforms were built to accommodate.

Multiple storylines fronted by a capable cast keep You Cannot Hide busy — arguably too busy, though the show does a decent job of balancing its threads. The ostensible lead character, Mónica Saldaña, is played by Blanca Soto, who shares an executive producer credit with several others. But the direction of all ten episodes was handled by Alejandro Bazzano, with help provided on seven of them by Manuel Sanabria, and the consistency there is what keeps such an unwieldy show comprehensible.

With a plot that incorporates a nurse, a cop turned hitman, an obsessive photographer and a shady politician, You Cannot Hide feels like it’s checking boxes of soapy genre elements that absolutely must be included, often in the same episode or within the span of just a few scenes. And it is — nothing wrong with that, after all, at least if the purpose of the work is simply to keep an audience engaged until the bitter end. I can’t see any alternative purpose here. Even though all of this might sound complicated, the basic appeal of this series couldn’t be simpler — it’s easy to start watching and difficult to turn off.

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