All or Nothing: Philadelphia Eagles Season 1 Review – high expectations after glorious Super Bowl 2018 win

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 7, 2020 (Last updated: December 28, 2023)
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Amazon Prime's All or Nothing: Philadelphia Eagles season 5


All or Nothing: Philadelphia Eagles Season 5 follows the tried, tested and successful documentary format following the Eagle’s 2019 season.

Amazon Prime’s All or Nothing: Philadelphia Eagles is now on the platform.

For the first time in 8 years, I did not watch Super Bowl 2020. It became a tradition of mine to at least watch the finale of the season. Being UK-based and following the NFL is great pain in the a** — you either follow the results or enjoy sleep deprivation and neither fulfils my interest. And it just so happened on the year I did miss it, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira did one of the best halftime shows of all time.

But talking of Super Bowls, I fondly remember the Philadelphia Eagles toppling the Patriots in 2018 to win the Lombardi Trophy.

Considering the repeated presence of the Patriots up until they fell in the Play-off hurdles in 2020, this was seen as a potential “handing over of the baton” for the Eagles. It was commentated that there are expectations they could repeat their success again a year later. But then the Patriots brought the trophy back in 2019, despite promises to the fans that they should “get used to success”.

But that’s what I find so charming about the NFL — it’s a dreamer sport, where the top teams are expected to win it every year with no exceptions. Not reaching the Division final and the big Super Bowl stage is seen as a failure. The high expectations are ruthless, with the media providing a crippling effect on the clubs. It’s not like the English Premier League, where some of the top teams have a target, fully expecting not to win the top prize for a single season.

All or Nothing: Philadelphia Eagles follows the same format as the previous installments. The theme of this series is the high expectations placed on the Eagles after their recent success and a setback in 2018. The 2018 season has the fans on their tails, the media on their backs, and their mentality on a pedestal. It’s all about the expectations, the press, the supporters and the process.

And if you have watched All or Nothing before and enjoyed it, then it is easy to assume that you will lap this up — there’s plenty of emotions, insight, and knowledge applied to make it a worthwhile, easy-to-watch experience.

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