Queen Sono season 1, episode 2 recap – “Dying Is Sore”

February 28, 2020
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Queen Sono Season 1, Episode 2, “Dying Is Sore” brings new twists and secrets as Sono is vying for the truth while keeping SOG happy.

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Queen Sono Season 1, Episode 2, “Dying Is Sore” brings new twists and secrets as Sono is vying for the truth while keeping SOG happy.

This recap of Netflix Series Queen Sono season 1, episode 2, “Dying Is Sore” contains significant spoilers.

Episode 2, “Dying Is Sore” begins in Harare. A glamourous Queen Sono is acting as a potential client for Elton Davenport. Miri tells her to keep a low profile. The spy becomes rocked by the news when Fred radios in during the mission to tell her that Hendrikus is dead. Everylina tries to gauge a dodgy deal with Queen Sono at this exclusive party to get a diplomat’s son out of the country with diamonds — Sono accepts the deal. The spy also has an enemy at the party, Rodney, who is desperate to kill her.

It’s all happening at the start and like the first episode, it cuts no corners.

Queen Sono is finally introduced to Elton in Episode 2, “Dying Is Sore”. She’s acting in the name of Patricia. The spy bribes Elton and gives him a downpayment for business reasons. Elton is then suddenly distracted as his Russian sister Ekaterina rings him about some missing arms; she calls him Vitali as well, suggesting Elton is not his real name. Ekaterina is clearly upset that Elton is out partying and not focusing on the family business. While she partakes in this call, she’s practicing martial arts, kicking the s*** out of someone.

With Queen Sono listening nearby, Elton suddenly suspects that she is a spy, and then Rodney pulls a gun out on her, not wanting Queen Sono to leave alive. A shootout unfolds at the party, but Sono manages to escape.

Ekaterina reveals in the next scene that her family and brother Vitali is linked to the new terrorist group Watu Wema Brigade. They are slipping them weapons from Superior Solutions. The leader of the group, Shandu, delivers the bad news that Elton Davenport and Rodney were killed in the shootout.

Despite the bad mission, Special Operations Group (SOG) is happy that the new intel reveals Elton’s real name, Vitali Gromovs. Vitali faked his own death and he’s been doing his sick father’s (Victor) bidding.

In Joburg, Queen Sono visits Hendruki’s wake — the family called her colored, indicating the rife racism. Sono acts like a nurse from the prison, telling them Hendruki was healthy for his age. The family calls him a legend and that he was only ridding terrorism. As she leaves the wake, Queen Sono steals a phone from one of the relatives.

At the midway point of Queen Sono Season 1, Episode 2, “Dying Is Sore” we witness Vitali’s funeral. The father Victor accuses Ekaterina of ruining the business and that he will run the business himself now that Vitali is dead — he’s clearly not well though. Ekaterina reminds him of how strict he was on her while she was growing up. She claims she was always better than her brother and that Victor is punishing her because she’s a girl. Ekaterina proceeds to suffocate her father Victor to death.

A real birth of a villain.

Ekaterina tells the new terrorist group Watu Wema that her father is dead — she has a drink with the leader Shandu despite not wanting an allegiance before. Ekaterina passionately tells Shandu that she is tired of mediocre, arrogant men and asks him to follow her; she wants to help rebuild the continent — Watu Wema can burn the continent down while Superior Solutions will extinguish the flames.

Queen Sono Season 1, Episode 2, “Dying Is Sore” closes with Fred showing financial data from the phone she stole — he sees that there are similar accounts; 25 inward transactions from secret government payments. SOG has been paying Hendrukis’s family. Queen Sono says Dr Sid has been lying to her all this time.

Another episode, another good twist.

Additional Notes

  • Miri believes Queen Sono is starting to crack over the Hendrukis death. At an anniversary event, they celebrate Safiya Sono.
  • Sono enjoys paintballing. All her friends are surprised by her marksmanship. One of her friends talks about Safiya as a warrior.
  • William tries to comfort Queen Sono after she gets upset about her mother. His friends don’t know who she is. He advises her to get help and then tells her he is leaving to go to another city with his new girlfriend.

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