Paradise PD season 2, episode 6 recap – “Flip the Vote”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: March 5, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Paradise PD season 2, episode 6 recap - "Flip the Vote"


“Flip the Vote” has its say about immigration, voter suppression, and communication, as Fitz and Karen both run for mayor.

This recap of Paradise PD Season 2, Episode 6, “Flip the Vote”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Presumably not content to only go at targets like Disney and the Catholic Church, Paradise PD Season 2, Episode 6 takes aim at voter suppression and immigrant furor through the lens of marginalized inbred flipper-handed mutants rising from the sewers to elect their corrupt leader. And why not?

Karen is getting beaten in the upcoming polls, so she legalizes meth while wearing a bikini in order to drum up public support. Clappers, meanwhile, has put Randall on crack house arrest, so he’s living with Robby and Delbert and their terrifying mutant son, Dobby. He tells Kevin that Fitz is the Kingpin but Kevin, naturally, doesn’t believe him.

Karen’s opponent in the mayoral race is Dr Lickon Deeznuts, who gets so much grief from the crowd about his name that he commits suicide at the debate, allowing Fitz to enter the race and win over the crowd by saying that now they don’t have to vote for a woman. Karen, perhaps desperately, promotes Kevin to her press secretary, leaving him to deal with the media repercussions of her increasingly awful campaign decisions.

In a highly bizarre subplot in “Flip the Vote”, Bullet eats from the new Methdonald’s, dies, and briefly goes to Hell before being revived by the Meth-E Pen toy which came with his meal. He immediately wants to go back so he can annoy Satan, and is eventually joined by Dusty, Gina, and Hopson, who spend the rest of Paradise PD Season 2, Episode 6 attempting to escape.

Paradise PD season 2, episode 6 recap - "Flip the Vote"

The two major threads of the episodes are the mayoral race and Randall’s burgeoning relationship with Dobby, whom Robby and Delbert leave him in charge of. Fitz’s first action as a potential mayor is to appeal to the flipper people, while Karen campaigns against them, referring to them as “swimmigrants” and dumping plastic into their home, which Kevin has to attempt to defend on the news (he just runs away.)

Karen’s next move is to make the flipper people no longer citizens of Paradise, and thus unable to vote. But since they all have the same mother, if a Paradise citizen marries her they’ll regain citizenship. Their mother is, I suppose unsurprisingly at this point, a dolphin, and Fitz, again unsurprisingly, has to romance her and consummate the relationship before she’ll agree to a marriage. If there are better warnings against getting into politics, I struggle to think of one.

Randall and Dobby gradually learn to communicate — though not without some mishaps — and eventually form a bond; when Fitz arrives to tell Randall that he plans to kill his son once he’s elected mayor, Randall thinks he means Dobby rather than Kevin, which is fair enough. Decidedly unfair is Karen moving the polling station to the top of a rock wall — which is itself behind a number of other obstacles entirely unsuited to people with flippers — so that the flipper people can’t reach it to vote; the problem is that all Karen’s voter base was so high that they didn’t vote either, leading to a grand turnout of just one: Kevin, who voted for Fitz.

Randall, with the help of Dobby, who chops off his foot to remove the ankle bracelet and then sews it on backwards, is able to escape just in time to stop Fitz from keeping his promise. His first act as the new mayor of Paradise is to try and kill Kevin, but Randall leaps in front of the bullet. Fitz declares open season on the Paradise PD, and Randall’s master plan is to just leave town and hide out somewhere. And where else would they hide out but… Brickleberry?

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