ZeroZeroZero season 1 review – has Amazon found their Narcos? It would seem so.



Gripping, tense and riddled with plot twists and darkness, ZeroZeroZero Season 1 could be Amazon Prime’s Narcos — a tantalizing story from start to finish.

This review of Amazon Prime Series ZeroZeroZero season 1 contains no spoilers.

After recently watching Narcos: Mexico Season 2 and feeling enthralled by the beast of a second installment, Amazon has decided to throw their dice into the mix with ZeroZeroZero, which was originally delayed for release. Let’s just say it was worth the wait. ZeroZeroZero season 1 follows the story of an expensive shipment of cocaine brokered by Americans making its way to an Italian cartel — in the mix is an Italian family embroiled in a feud regarding the future of their drug trading and a Mexican military man sparking his ambitions in the form of a revolution. There are plenty of complexities in a story like this, and the Amazon series requires the usual patience of Narcos, but like it’s step-sister, it’s worth the time investment — you will feel unduly satisfied by the time you reach Episode 8. ZeroZeroZero Season 1 has a way with loyalty; everything is glazed in family ties and the one element that brings back a crime lord to their roots. The Amazon series demonstrates that within the very core of evil, there is still a human side that toys and gambles with decision making. I was buoyed by the realism of ZeroZeroZero, displaying characters in legitimate criminal underworlds but the desperation for human connection still takes precedence.

It takes a while to understand the real message of ZeroZeroZero as it hides in a dark, broody and unforgiving world of drugs and politics, but once you get attached to the characters, who are all essentially “the bad guys”, you become accustomed to the story development. Each episode is formatted similarly; there’s always a continuation, but each chapter births a scenario. Around the halfway mark of each episode, it loops back and gives the audience a different perspective of the scenario — despite knowing the ending events, it is still deeply compelling as the Amazon series encourages audiences to be desperate to understand how the following scenario unfolded. Amazon Prime Series ZeroZeroZero Season 1 will be loved; the direction, Sicario-type cinematography, and Narcos-style writing are easy to appreciate — just give yourself time to sit down and watch it.

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