Home Before Dark season 1, episode 2 recap – what happened in “Never Be the Same”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 3, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Home Before Dark season 1, episode 2 - Never Be the Same


There are twists in Home Before Dark Season 1, Episode 2, “Never Be the Same”, but the majority of the plot is one unfortunate snooze fest.

This recap of Apple TV+ Series Home Before Dark season 1, episode 2, “Never Be the Same” contains significant spoilers.

Home Before Dark Season 1, Episode 2, “Never Be the Same” is boring, frankly. It offers a single dramatic moment and a so-so twist, but the rest of the plot can put the most attentive into a sleep state.

It starts off in the middle of the night and Hilde hears a disturbance. She heads downstairs and sees a man in the kitchen — it’s her grandad Sylvestor who has some form of dementia. Matt takes him back to his home. While with his father Sylvester, Matt asks him what’s in the safe that he tried to open in the last episode. Matt also bumps into Frank, a cop, who he has some kind of history with that makes the scene tense. Sylvester keeps on repeating something about giving Frankie information and then gives Matt a piece of paper.

And then potty-mouthed Hilde tries telling her family that she’s solved the murder of Penny but no-one will listen to her. At school, Hilde investigates further and looks at old yearbooks. She speaks to Mr. Sipple who claims Matt has changed since the murder of Ritchie. Hilde shows her friends the mounting evidence — she links Principal Kim Collins to the murder as she and Ritchie were close and it was Penny’s brother who is charged for the murder of Ritchie.

Spoon, Hilde and Donny head to Penny’s house to look for more evidence and she finds a lot of medication in her bathroom. They get caught by a cop in the house but then they hear another person. The police officer, unfortunately, did not catch the person sneaking around the house.

At the midway point of Home Before Dark Season 1, Episode 2, “Never Be the Same”, Bridget confronts Matt because he never explained that he was good friends with Ritchie. She’s not happy about the secret, and then Hilde returns home and tells them she went to the crime scene of Penny’s murder.

Later on, Kim comes over to the house and claims Hilde stole from her office. Hilde remarks that Kim is the primary suspect and Matt gets angry. Kim shows Matt the videotape of Ritchie getting kidnapped. Kim wonders if someone killed Penny over the tape. Matt does not think the tape can exonerate Sam.

Matt apologizes to Hilde for yelling but then says her story is wrong and that she produced a story with an unreliable source and states it as bad journalism.

Later on, Matt gives Hilde a real apology and explains the real story; he confirms he is the other boy on the kidnap video.

Home Before Dark Season 1, Episode 2, “Never Be the Same” ends with Sam Gillis giving Matt a call from prison. He wants to speak to Hilde. Matt turns around and Hilde is also holding the house phone.

If this was my kid, I’d be fuming.

Additional Notes

  • Hilde thinks Principal Collins stole something from Penny.
  • When Bridget tries to put Ginny in the nursery. When she learns that they are related to Matt Lisko, they reject her application. Her social life seems to be difficult since the article. She temporarily loses her while out in town.
  • Izzy spends time with Ethan in the woods. As they are about to kiss, a wolf chases after them.
  • A flashback shows a young Matt telling his father he can lie for him.
  • A flashback shows young Matt at the witness box in court saying it wasn’t Sam Gillis.
  • Hilde adds a “tips” page on the article.
  • While running away from a wolf in the woods, Ginny finds a secret cabin.
  • Bridget wants to help Matt who has a troubled mind. She wants to support him. He’s beat-up about Sam going to jail.

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