Upload season 1, episode 8 recap – What happened in “Shopping Other Digital After-Lives”? Other heavens.



Upload season 1, episode 8, “Shopping Other Digital After-Lives” sees Nathan making rash decisions as the truth begins to surface.

This recap of Amazon Original series Upload season 1, episode 8, “Shopping Other Digital After-Lives” contains significant spoilers.

How does Upload season 1, episode 8, “Shopping Other Digital After-Lives” begin?

Nathan is looking at a broken memory in the memory parlour between him and Jamie, arguing about their project — he cannot piece it all together. Nathan then asks for a memory between him and Nora and the parlor owners ask if he knows his angel’s name.

In the next scene, the supervisor puts Nora on probation and suspends her temporarily for her relationship with Nathan.

And it goes from bad to worse, defining the complications of two different worlds. The next day the supervisor acts like Nora and speaks to Nathan. He admits to thinking about Nora a lot and having feelings. The supervisor (still looking like Nora) tells Nathan that it is a testament to their customer service. Nathan is embarrassed and tells his mother to take him to another heaven.

Wait, other heavens?

Yes, apparently there is not just Lakeview. Nathan is sucked out of Upload by his mother into a hard drive and she takes him to another place to tour and they are terrible.

Aleesha tells Nora that Nathan is no longer at Lakeview so she takes it upon herself to visit Ingrid about Nathan’s exit. Ingrid rings Nathan’s mother while Nora checks out a box with Nathan’s name on it and smells one of his t-shirts.

Ingrid heads to the other side of town with Nora and asks Nathan why he’d leave Lakeview and states that he cannot leave because the woman he loves will be there. Nathan agrees but it is evident he is thinking of Nora.

Ingrid offers to take him back via his hard drive and a random stranger steals it and throws Nathan into a waterfall. Ingrid is distraught but Nora reveals to have the real hard drive after getting paranoid that someone was after Nathan.

How does Upload season 1, episode 8, “Shopping Other Digital After-Lives” end?

Nathan returns to Lakeview and Nora gives him a hug. Nora tells Nathan that someone knew he’d be ejected and placed into a hard drive. Nathan raises how they parted on an awkward note and Nora reveals it was her supervisor Lucy who was pretending to ber her after she was suspended.

Nora tells Nathan to speak to Ingrid before saying what he wants to say to her.

Episode 8 is a good indicator that we are going to be getting a dramatic ending to the series.

Other points

  • Nora asks her friends to look into Josh Pitzer. Before he died, he got a private text with Nathan’s Upload ID

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