50 States of Fright episode 12 recap – “Destino (Florida) Part 1”

April 30, 2020
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This recap of 50 States of Fright episode 12, “Destino (Florida) Part 1”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

So there’s new material on Quibi from the horror anthology show that is taking us around the US in Tales from The Crypt-style short twist in the tales stories. In 50 States of Fright Episode 12, we find ourselves in Florida, and we are watching video evidence obtained by the police oversight activists in Miami. The on-screen caption lets us know that the accuracy of the footage has not been verified.

We see through CCTV some cops getting ready for their shift, and a montage of them on patrol.

A call comes through for a robbery and two of our cast attend, but the creepy little girl that meets them at the gate asks for the female policewoman to attend.

The little girls tells of the theft of her grandma’s goat, and the cops investigate.

Screams from within lead them to kick the ramshackle door down and to search inside, however, once inside, one officer is suddenly possessed as the door of the room slams shut.

“Destino (Florida) Part 1” is a very short episode, well under the usual 10 minutes, but it has a more grounded approach to the story than some previous entries, that feel more like urban myths than real events.

It’s an improvement of previous episodes of the show and is hopefully a return to form for the series that I probably want to enjoy more than I actually do.

I’m hanging in there!

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