50 States of Fright Season 1 Episode 14 Recap – “Destino (Florida) Part 3”

By Louie Fecou
Published: April 30, 2020 (Last updated: September 1, 2023)
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50 States of Fright episode 14 recap - "Destino (Florida) Part 3"


A solid episode that feels as though it would be better with more of a focus on story overall rather than a third act reveal and a shocking ending.

We recap 50 States of Fright Season 1 Episode 14, “Destino (Florida) Part 3”, which contains significant spoilers.

So we start exactly where we left off in the last episode with our cops searching for their missing colleagues in the catacombs of what looks like an underground devil-worshipping cult.

50 States of Fright Season 1 Episode 14 Recap

Vasquez tells her partner he needs to go, but he refuses, and they venture further.

When they find the body of one of the missing cops hanging from the ceiling, a robed face-painted figure appears and seems to possess Wilkie, who shoots wildly at Vasquez. She manages to get cover and shoots the figure dead.

Reviving her colleague, the pair try to escape, but the possessed second cop reappears and attacks them. Wilkie is viciously murdered. Vasquez uses her amulet to hold the attacker at bay for a moment, then kills him with the machete he was wielding.

Vasquez then finds the body of an aging old lady wrapped in tentacles that move toward her.

Seems Vasquez was originally known to these creatures and escaped, and now they want her back.

50 States of Fright Season 1 Episode 14 Ending Explained

As 50 States of Fright Episode 14 ends, we see Vasquez. However, she has been possessed by the old lady, a resolution that had been planned from the start.

This is a step up from the previous episode, but even though the format permits any real progression of character or story, I feel this series is suffering slightly from its own constraints, and if a little more time was taken to build the atmosphere and story, then it would fare better overall. Short stories like this can still be intriguing if more emphasis is placed on the actual story rather than a third-act reveal and shocking ending.

Perhaps more attention to the story would improve this show, which I still want to like.

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