Upload season 1, episode 4 recap – What happened in “Sex Suit”? It's time to use it.



Upload season 1, episode 4, “Sex Suit” explores intimacy between both worlds as Nathan is struggling with his relationship with Ingrid.

This recap of Amazon Original series Upload season 1, episode 4, “Sex Suit” contains significant spoilers.

How does Upload season 1, episode 4, “Sex Suit” start?

It begins with Nathan enjoying golf in Lakeview — the man he’s socializing with says he does not mind the laidback life as he had a purpose all his life. Afterward, Nathan tells Nora he wishes he was still working and had objectives.

Nora shows Nathan the “2gig” avatars that are running out of memory due to the lack of money. Nathan gets passionate, stating that these people do not deserve this. He gives himself a new purpose — to help the 2gigs.

Is Nathan struggling with Ingrid still?

Yes, and he has an interview with her for Vogue in Episode 4 about “relationships across two different existences”. Nathan tries telling the interviewer that Ingrid literally owns him now but she keeps hijacking the interview, claiming they will be using the sex suit soon.

How’s Nora holding up?

Nora cannot stop thinking about Nathan and keeps on speaking to him. Nathan asks if relationships between uploads and living people ever work — Nora explains that they work sometimes and that she roots for them. Nathan states that he feels like he and Ingrid are like siblings that hate each other and now that he’s seen her without the physical side, he’s not sure if he’s up for the sex suit.

But Ingrid shows up with the sex suit and is emotional that they haven’t been intimate for a long time. Nora sees the footage and turns it off but then Ingrid calls for “tech support” when Nathan cannot get an erection. As Ingrid is frozen, Nora tells Nathan that she will need to test the issue and starts touching his body. Ingrid unfreezes and Nora leaves — “Tech support has worked”.

How does Upload season 1, episode 4, “Sex Suit” end?

Clearly ***** after her altercation with Nathan, Nora uses an app to get laid again and ironically matches with the man who gave her 4 stars. During sex she imagines Nathan. The man gives Nora 5 stars and in return, she gives him 4 stars for payback.

Something is bubbling underneath as Fran sees CCTV footage of Ingrid potentially tampering with Nathan’s self-drive car.

Other points

  • Nora is getting smitten over Nathan — her colleague tells her to focus on her job and get a man in real life.

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